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‘Skins’: Top 6 most dramatic moments

To celebrate the release of the new complete Skins boxset - containing all six series over 18 discs - we're taking a look back at some of the show's most dramatic moments.

Top 5 movies about movies

With Martin Scorsese's Hugo arriving on DVD and Blu-ray this month, we've picked out our five favourite movies about movies.

‘Mad Men’: Don Draper’s Top 5 conquests

To celebrate the return of Mad Men and Don’s recent new marriage to his secretary Megan (for however long that might last), let’s take a scandalous look back at some of the other women in Don Draper’s life.

‘Skins’: Top 5 characters ever

Since it began in 2007, E4’s teen drama Skins has surpassed many a cynical expectation and accusations of improbable plotlines to give us three generations of characters that we grew to love. We’ve picked out our five all-time favourite characters…   Cassie Poor Cassie. Her timid, sugary exterior – all stretchy, dazzling grins and gigantic...

Top 5 ‘Dexter’ villains

With the sixth season of Dexter kicking off in the UK this Friday on FX, it's time to look back at the ghosts of villains past.

Top 5 sword-and-sandal movies

While the popularisation of Greek legend began with the Romans’ debasement of their stories, Gods and customs, the Greek myths have been re-created several times on celluloid, with varying results.