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‘Doctor Who’ poll results: 5 scariest episodes

CultBox asked you to vote for the Doctor Who story that frightens you the most. Here we count down the results of the poll…   #5: ‘The Time of Angels’ / ‘Flesh and Stone’ (6.8%) So, ‘Flesh and Stone’ may have diluted the concept of the Weeping Angels, making them defeatable not by keeping your...

Top 5 comic book movies of 2011

It’s been an intriguing year for comic book movies. Here we’ve picked out our five favourite graphic novel adaptations of 2011...

Top 5 John Carpenter films

Some diehard fans will bemoan the lack of The Fog, Escape from New York or Dark Star; all three deserve honourable mention, though it's the nature of these cult movies to divide opinion.

Top 5 worst US TV remakes

With ABC's new Charlie's Angels reboot cancelled after only four episodes, here we take a look back at some of the other unsuccessful US remakes that have made their way onto our screens.

‘Sherlock’: Top 5 unfilmed stories

BBC One's hit Sherlock has already updated several of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories, but there are plenty of other Holmes adventures that'd do well in the 21st century.

Top 10 gangsters in film and TV

To celebrate the premiere of National Geographic Channel's new Banged Up Abroad series, we're taking a look at the gangsters - both fictional and real - who've reigned supreme throughout pop culture.

‘Doctor Who’: Top 5 Matt Smith episodes so far

The transition between lead actors in Doctor Who is a decidedly delicate process. David Tennant was considered an impossible act to equal, yet his sprightly, eccentric successor has done just that.

‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’: Top 5 guest stars

Doctor Who's spin-off has featured plenty of famous faces over the past four series. Here we pick out five that have stood out for bringing something a little bit special to Bannerman Road.

Top 5 surreal TV comedies

Sky Atlantic's surreal new comedy This is Jinsy arrives on our screens tonight, so it's a perfect time to look at some of the greatest weird and witty shows that have come before it.

Top 5 Spanish horror movies

Spanish horror has had a lot of press in recent years with the international success of films like REC, The Orphanage and the fantasy horror Pan's Labyrinth. Here, we pick out five gems of the genre...