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‘Homeland’: Season 2’s big questions

The adventures of Carrie, Saul and the Brody Bunch ended with so many questions that a second run felt overdue the moment the credits rolled at the end of Season 1’s finale.

‘Mad Men’: Season 5 so far…

We're now at about the halfway point of Mad Men’s fifth season, so there's just time to pause, refill your tumbler full of bourbon and take a look back...

5 reasons you should be watching ‘Community’

US comedy Community returned to the UK earlier this month with its second season, airing on Tuesday nights on Sony Entertainment TV. It’s a spectacularly funny show but if you’ve never heard of it or seen it we can’t blame you: the first season aired without fanfare on music channel Viva, and even in its...

‘Elementary’: For and against

US network CBS are currently shooting a pilot for their own modern-day Sherlock Holmes project. But perhaps we shouldn’t be so hasty in deriding Elementary before it even airs.

‘Doctor Who Official Convention’ report

It’s clear that the BBC have plans to make this a recurring event and so the teething problems may be ironed out subsequently but, as it stands, it was a nice day out that didn’t entirely justify the ticket price.