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‘Elementary’: For and against

US network CBS are currently shooting a pilot for their own modern-day Sherlock Holmes project. But perhaps we shouldn’t be so hasty in deriding Elementary before it even airs.

‘Doctor Who Official Convention’ report

It’s clear that the BBC have plans to make this a recurring event and so the teething problems may be ironed out subsequently but, as it stands, it was a nice day out that didn’t entirely justify the ticket price.

‘Doctor Who’: Our hopes for Series 7

Most fan talk about this year's series of Doctor Who has tended to concentrate on how many episodes it will consist of and when they’ll be shown. As a result, excited chatter about the actual content has been thin on the ground.

‘Red Dwarf’: Our hopes for Series X

With a brand new six-part series of Red Dwarf now in the can and due to be broadcast on Dave this autumn, here are our hopes for the long-awaited Series X.

‘Sherlock’: How did he do it? (Slight return)

After a week of fevered conjecture about how Sherlock miraculously survived his apparently fatal fall from the roof of Barts Hospital, Steven Moffat has said: ‘There is a clue everybody's missed.’