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What’s next for ‘Downton Abbey’?

Allegations of soapiness and preposterousness have dogged this year’s series. So – what went wrong with Series 2, and where should Downton go from here?

What’s next for ‘The Fades’?

There’s so much left unresolved in The Fades that it isn’t a case of a few loose ends that need tidying up; there’s still a huge wodge of story left to be told.

The future of ‘Torchwood’

Predicting what Torchwood will do next has never been easy. So, what would our recipe be for a potential Series 5?

The legacy of ‘Akira’

Like many kids growing up in the ‘90s, my first exposure to Japanese animation was Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic 1988 movie, Akira.

Why is ‘Doctor Who’ so hard to write?

Is Doctor Who the hardest drama on television to write? From comments made by both of its showrunners since 2005, you’d be inclined to think so. But what is it about this programme that makes it so uniquely problematic?