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‘Him & Her’: Series 2 preview

We're incredibly pleased to say that the second series of this unique show has retained every aspect of the social commentary that was present in Series 1.

Merry Big-British-Christmas!

The kind folks at BBC Worldwide have sent over a seasonal selection of BBC (that's Big British Christmas, apparently) goodies!

Boxing’s triumph at the box office

Boxing films are back on our screens in a big way, with recent films such as The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, and Tom Hardy’s Warrior suddenly making the sport sexy again.

Is this ‘Jinsy’?

To celebrate the launch of their surreal new comedy series This Is Jinsy next week, Sky Atlantic have kindly sent over a map of Jinsy island, a rather scary fake beard and a bar of pea flavour soup soap (we're guessing this will make more sense once you've seen the show).

E4’s autumn 2011 preview party report

As summer (such as it was) begins to fade away, and the leaves begin to turn, so too the television channels have a whole new season of programming to premiere.

‘House’ this for an amazing promo item?

To celebrate the release of US medical drama House's seventh season on DVD and Blu-ray later this month, we just got this promotional edition of the game Operation in the post.

‘Fresh Meat’ press launch report

Yesterday we went along to University College London for the launch of Channel 4’s Fresh Meat, the latest offering from Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong.

‘This Is Jinsy’ preview

Described as "pretty bonkers", "shocking" and "super original" by Sky's Head of Comedy Lucy Lumsden, new comedy This Is Jinsy premiered at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival 2011 over the weekend.

‘Downton Abbey’: Series 2 preview

Never have I had more of a sense of ‘born in the wrong time’ than I have when stood in the frankly majestic halls of Highclere Castle, better known as Downton Abbey.