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‘Merlin’: 10 things we learnt from the Series 4 commentaries

Out this week, Merlin’s Complete Series 4 boxset features cast and crew commentaries on five episodes. From the fascinating, through the teasing to the downright daft, they are a must listen for any true fan of the Camelot crew. Here are some of the things we discovered...

‘The Kennedys’: JFK’s defining moments

Rediscover the most important moments of America’s most prominent political dynasty during the Twentieth Century with The Kennedys, currently airing on Friday nights on BBC Two and released on DVD on Monday 18th July.

Bingo in films

Today, there are millions of us playing online bingo games. Part of the attraction of online bingo is that you get the chance to win huge prizes even though the cost to play is very low. Most online bingo sites have games that start out at 5p or 10p to play. You can also play...

‘Columbo’ trivia

To celebrate the return of Lieutenant Columbo in a new Complete Series boxset, here are the ten things you never knew about Columbo!