Why Rick Grimes Exiting the Walking Dead Might Actually be a Good Thing

Facts: Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln has been the heart and blood of The Walking Dead right from the beginning so it makes perfect sense that fans don’t want to see him leave the show. Just like with other characters announcement their departure from the show until now, everyone assumes that their character will die and that’s it. However, the speculation surrounding the new season of The Walking Dead suggests that it might just not be the case for Rick. Actually, there are quite a few scenarios as what could happen after Rick is out of the scene.

A Big Search and Rescue Mission?

One of the possible theories for Season 9 of The Walking Dead could be that a big search and rescue mission could start to bring back the leader of the group. And there are some clues in this direction as well since some art for the upcoming season picture a helicopter. Chances are that this is the same helicopter that caught some screen time in season 8 somehow connected with Anne from the scrapyard.
For the moment we can’t tell if she sticks around or survives long enough to provide information regarding the helicopter or the community that owns it. However, the simple idea of going on a fight against the Whisperers and at the same time search for Rick could be a great organic storyline for TWD. In case you don’t know who the Whisperers are, you need to get The Walking Dead comics right now and read them thoroughly before Season 9 airs. Or not, depends if you want to have a rough idea on what could happen next or you prefer to be absolutely taken by surprise.

A New Direction for the Show?

A fresh approach and a completely new story is something the show could really use right now after years have been spent on the entire fight against Negan and the Survivors. Rather than focusing on integrating Negan and a peaceful and rebuilding-focused community, making leader go away as well as a new and very different threat might be exactly what The Walking Dead needs.

But don’t get your hopes up since it can be just a very optimistic theory regarding Lincoln’s exit from the show. It’s human nature to be optimistic, especially when gambling at online casinos such as Pokiesway. Don’t forget that he just spent 8 years being on a different continent, away from his family. If this could be a permanent time off or just a window for the main character to spend more time with his family, we will have to wait and see.

Nonetheless, these are very interesting times since The Waling Dead is forced more than ever before to develop and expand their supporting characters. Well, what’s left of them anyway with so many being erased from the narrative by Negan and his crew.

Hopefully, more news about the destiny of The Walking Dead as well as the direction the show is headed and how long will Lincoln miss from the show will be delivered at the San Diego Comic Con later in July. Until then, all we can do is speculate and even though things might not turn out to be so nice for the die-hard fans of Rick Grimes, we might have to accept the fact that he might go away from the show altogether.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead will air in the fall of 2018 and until the San Diego Comic Con starts, you can get your zombie fix by watching Fear the Walking Dead that will air every Sunday at 9PM the second half of the fourth season.

What do you think will happen to Rick and where will Season 9 will take the action of The Walking Dead? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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