‘Atlantis’ pics: Jack Donnelly naked in this week’s ep

Jason Donnelly has described his nude scene in tomorrow night’s Atlantis episode as “the weirdest acting I’ve done”.

‘Hunger Pangs’ airs at 8.20pm on Saturday 14 December on BBC One and sees Jason (Donnelly) caught in a compromising position when he has to dash through the streets of Atlantis with nothing but a chicken to hide his modesty.

Donnelly revealed: “The original idea was to wear a jock strap, but the camera could see it, so in the end we improvised; some double sided tape and a piece of material were all I had to cover up!”

He revealed: “Usually if I’m topless in a scene I’ll do press ups between takes, but felt wrong when I had no pants on.”

The actor added: “Using a chicken to cover myself is top of my list of the weirdest acting I’ve done. You don’t want to look scared in front of a crew of 40 so you just do it, but I did find myself ridiculously before the scene saying to the chicken ‘I know you can’t understand me, but please don’t peck me there!'”

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