Comedians Watching Football With Friends announced by Sky One

In a real case of a TV show providing exactly what’s written on the tin, Sky One has ordered eight episodes of a new TV series entitled  Comedians Watching Football With Friends. Can you guess what it’s about?

It is, of course, about comedians… watching football… with some friends. We’re getting something of a Gogglebox vibe, and it’s also easy to draw comparisons to comedic commentary tracks that we’ve heard for major games over the years.

Nish Kumar (who supports Manchester United), Jon Richardson (Leeds United), Emily Dean (Arsenal), Tom Davis (West Ham United), Matt Forde (Nottingham Forest), Joe Wilkinson (Gillingham), Lee Mack (Blackburn Rovers), Josh Widdicombe (Plymouth Argyle), Adrian Chiles (West Bromwich Albion) and Iain Stirling (Liverpool) have been confirmed among the stars of the show.

And here’s a little explainer from Sky’s official statement:

“Thanks to Sky’s unique relationship with the Premier League, this new Sky original production will see comedians, and friends, watch two of the big televised weekend matches while they offer sofa-situated analysis and generally chew the fat.

“Each game will be recorded in two sitting room style studios simultaneously, reflecting what’s going on in living rooms up and down the country; with a live audience of partisan fans oohing, ahhing and laughing along, while two comedians and one celebrity super-fan offer their thoughts on the game, or anything else, as the action unfolds.”

The first fixtures to be tackled will be Spurs v Leicester and Man City v Chelsea, both of which took place last weekend. Filming for the comedy bits will take place on Wednesday 20th February, and free tickets can be found for the recording here.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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