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Charlie Human: ‘Apocalypse Now Now’ book review

There comes a point while reading Apocalypse Now Now - and it's roughly the halfway point – when you're presented with a scene of such graphic and perverted gruesomeness that you actually feel you brain trying to shut down in order to save itself from having to picture what's on the page.

‘Doctor Who’: ‘Shroud of Sorrow’ audiobook review

The 23rd of November 1963 holds particular significance for Doctor Who fans as the date of its first transmission. The previous day is etched into history, far more significantly, by the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy and this globally resonant event frequently comes up when discussing the start of the show.

‘Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants’ book review

The wonderful thing about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is the upsurge in unofficial publications.

Companions by Andy Frankham-Allen takes an in-depth look at the brave souls who have battled at the Doctor's side, endured the excitement of time travel and crucially, asked the questions on our behalf.