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‘Callan: Wet Job’ DVD review

Unlike the elegant and suave spies from across the Atlantic, the British secret service in the 1960s and 1970s was a far more uncool and grimy place on screen - more realistic perhaps, but usually second best in popularity.

‘Toast’ DVD review

The term ‘charming’, when used in this context, could tar a film with connotations of being fluffy and insubstantial; perhaps even twee.

‘The Promise’ DVD review

What with particularly turbulent times in the Middle East recently, this epic four-part war saga from BAFTA award-winning director Peter Kosminsky (Warriors, The Government Inspector), set in the disputed Palestinian territories, certainly has a timely feel.

‘Tightrope’: The Complete Series DVD review

Doctor Who writer Victor Permberton's take on Britain's relations with Russia is a light one - this is aimed at kids, after all - and is as much about life in a cosy English village as it is about intrigue and mystery.

‘Spooks’: Series 9 DVD review

Since 2002, spy drama Spooks has consistently ranked among the best the BBC has to offer, blending high-octane action with unnervingly topical storylines - but can it keep up the pace?