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‘Identity’: Series 1 DVD review

Heavily trailed over nearly every World Cup ad-break, ITV1's six-part drama series Identity starts relatively well and then resembles a lemming hurtling over a cliff.

‘Generation Kill’ Blu-ray review

It is said that the best drama is derived from conflict, either figuratively or literally, and that is certainly the case with HBO's seminal seven-part series Generation Kill.

‘Caprica’: Feature-Length Pilot DVD review

Caprica may not get the adrenaline pumping like its predecessor Battlestar Galactica, but what it lack in thrills, it more than makes up for with a fascinating exploration and expansion of an already rich mythology.

‘The Day Of The Triffids’ DVD review

Despite some effective moments of tension, BBC One's recent The Day of the Triffids adaptation is ultimately let down by a poor script, sloppy pacing and disjointed story-telling.