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‘Christopher And His Kind’ review

Kind can mean a group, the ability to treat others well, and - if your German translation isn’t that hot - child. It’s that mixture of youthfulness, shared experience, and compassion (or lack thereof) that make up the main themes of Christopher And His Kind.

‘Waking The Dead’: Series 9 Episode 1 review

It’s always a tough question in television: when should you stop? Do you continue for as long as you can stave off jumping the shark and then disappear in a cloud of mediocrity? Or do you announce a final series and do your darndest to make it the best yet?

‘Twenty Twelve’: Episode 1 review

Slipping out with little fanfare, oh the irony, is a new "mockumentary" (no, stick with us) from BBC Four following the Olympic Deliverance team as they prepare London for the big event in 2012.

‘Monroe’: Episode 2 review

'So you read minds as well as cure them, do you?’, an angry parent snaps at Doctor Gabriel Monroe in the second instalment of ITV1’s new medical drama series.

‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 7 review

Despite giving the initial impression of being a few mood swings away from the original gang’s Cassie, Grace Violet has firmly secured her position as one of the fans' favourites from this year’s new Skins generation.

‘Wonders Of The Universe’: Episode 2 review

The second episode of Professor Brian Cox’s compelling story of the universe takes us onward from philosophy to methodology, explaining how the building blocks of everything on planet Earth - including ourselves - can be found in the hearts of stars thousands of light years away.