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‘Mad Dogs’: Episode 3 review

If last week's episode of Sky1's sunshine-fuelled new drama was about a woman disrupting the lives of men, then this week's was most definitely about how men disrupt one another, despite their "friendship".

‘South Riding’: Episode 1 review

BBC One’s new Sunday evening period drama is no gentle, quiet or quaint look back at an innocent, idyllic age. South Riding has bite, blackness and resonances that ring true even 75 years on from the era in which it is set.

‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 4 review

The character of Liv had been a bit of a mystery up until last week, when we saw a glimpse of this promiscuous easy going girl who would claim to have morals but was alien to the concept of self control.

‘Bedlam’: Episode 2 review

EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing star Kara Tointon has car trouble in the second episode of SkyLiving’s paranormal drama.

‘Being Human’: Series 3 Episode 4 review

While the past few episodes have been more or less stand-alone stories, ‘The Pack’ is a series high that brings elements from all of them together to form a hugely impressive whole.

‘Mad Dogs’: Episode 2 review

Whilst, on the face of it, Sky1’s four-part serial Mad Dogs may seem like Sexy Beast: 'The TV Series', the star-filled drama may be as gruesome but it's also packed with humour and the failings and insecurities of middle-aged men.

‘Marchlands’: Episode 3 review

After a meandering couple of opening episodes comes the third part of ITV1's supernatural drama, really beginning to deliver frights and further the mystery surrounding the titular house, Marchlands.

‘Skins’: Series 5 Episode 3 review

Episode 3 of the gradually improving fifth series sees Skins take a massive and unexpected leap from good to great, revolving around tall, slim, blonde bimbo Mini, the Generation 3 cast's token bitch.

‘Outcasts’: Episode 3 review

Only two episodes in and BBC One's new sci-fi drama was in severe danger of being dubbed Dourcasts, but along comes the third instalment with some welcome warmth.

‘Outcasts’: Episode 2 review

As the first instalment came to a dramatic end with the landing of an escape pod (sadly no droids included), we were introduced to Julius Berger.