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‘Sherlock’ Series 3 soundtrack album review

Pass that popcorn-filled Deerstalker, would you? Because with that filmic running length, a principal duo of Hollywood stars, and the fact that each 90-minute feature is advertised with the hashtaggable anticipation of your average blockbuster, every episode of Sherlock is less a TV drama and more a movie that has escaped into your living room. So it stands to reason that it should be given a fittingly filmic score.

‘Music from the Iron Man Trilogy’ soundtrack review

You don't have a costly suit of cutting-edge armour, you don't have a robot butler, and chances are you don't even have a cool beard like Tony Stark (though really, if you do, good job sir). But fortunately lacking any of the aforementioned items doesn't preclude you from enjoying the same music that Iron Man himself jets around to.

‘Luther’ soundtrack album review

Check under your bed before you put your headphones on, because here comes the Luther soundtrack. Or, to use its unwieldy full name, 'Idris Elba presents Luther: Songs and Score from Series 1, 2 & 3'. Whatever you decide to call it, it's music that DCI John Luther and his (now very wet) coat have solved crimes to.

Top 10 tracks on the ‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 soundtrack album

We get used to waiting as Doctor Who fans, don’t we? This past year especially has tried the collective patience of millions of us, as we’ve waited for the news of the new: new episodes, new specials, new Doctors. And also – almost as exciting – a new soundtrack. So, has the wait for 2...

‘Mad Men: On the Rocks’ soundtrack album review

You might expect a Mad Men soundtrack to be a collection of martini-smooth but mundane notes – something you can put on and forget about when you run out of Harry Belafonte vinyls but still require a musical backdrop to smoke and romance a dame to in your Manhattan bachelor pad. But Mad Men: On the Rocks turns out to be anything but '60s make-out noise.