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‘Skyfall’ soundtrack album review

Skyfall may well be one of the best Bond films but, for the casual listener who wants to feel a bit more 007 during their commute, its score sadly leaves much to be desired.

‘Super Themes’ album review

We're living through a golden age of comic book cinema. Superheroes are now more prevalent at your local multiplex than surly staff and that weird all-pervading smell that's halfway between stale popcorn and ‘warm old shoe'. And though not every caped film that crusades across our screens is a critical victory, most feature music that raises the hairs on the back of your neck and sticks in the mind long after the world's been saved.

Top 10 tracks on the ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6 soundtrack album

Let’s not waste Time: the soundtrack to Doctor Who‘s sixth series is, without a Vashta Nerada’s shadow of a doubt, composer Murray Gold’s finest work on the series to date. Soaring choral pieces, intimate emotional moments, dark and foreboding notes of what is to come; it’s a score that emulates the variety and grandeur of...

‘Glee’: The Music Volume 4 CD review

Featuring an impressive 18 tracks from the first few episodes of Glee’s second season, currently airing on E4, the main thing that stands out about Volume 4 in relation to the show’s previous albums is just how much variety has been included, in terms of both style and of which characters’ songs have been chosen.