10 of the scariest monsters ever in ‘The X-Files’

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It’s really hapenning… The X-Files is back!

Mulder and Scully are heading back to the FBI basement to open up those creaky old files for the first time on TV in nearly 14 years with six brand new episodes.

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While we await their return, let’s take a look back at ten of the scariest monsters ever to grace that hallowed filing cabinet.

So sit back, grab a torch and remember – the truth is out there!


10. Invisible bark creatures


Surely there’s nothing scarier than a creature you can’t see? Mulder and Scully were subjected to this horror in the episode ‘Detour’ where Mulder compared them to the legendary Mothmen.


9. Leonard Betts

The X Files  Leonard Betts

In the episode of the same name, Betts, aka Albert Turner, is a disgusting looking demon with a vile penchant for the cancerous tumours of the ill. In the climactic showdown with Scully, it’s revealed that she herself has the disease, making this episode one of the most sickening of all.


8. The Flukeman

Flukeman The X Files  The Host

Every B movie trope is used in the creation of the hideous Flukeman – a fluke worm crossed with a man in a horrible hybrid terror of genetic mutation and radiation poisoning, it lived in the sewers of New Jersey in ‘The Host’. As its bite transmitted a disgusting flatworm into its victims’ blood, the Flukeman has to be one of the most disgusting monsters ever put on file.


7. Vampires

The X Files Bad Blood

It’s unusual for The X-Files to be so literal in its execution of a monster, but the vampires in the episode ‘Bad Blood’ are exactly that – vampires. The writers play around with the origins and the MO of them, but there is no doubting the likes of Ronnie Strickland, whose hissing, fang filled mouth and glowing eyes can be mistaken for nothing else.


6. Soul Eater

The X Files The Gift

Not so much a monster, the Soul Eater was a Shaman who would eat the disease of the ill, much like Leonard Betts. In ‘The Gift’, the soul eater would consume the entire victim, who would emerge for a sickly soup cured from all maladies.


5. Phyllis Paddock

The X Files Die Hand Die Verletzt

Phyllis isn’t a headmistress you’d like to get detention from – she was a demonic being with jet black eyes who ran a school for descendant witches in ‘Die Hand Die Verletzt’. Was she more than just a demon though? Could she have been the Devil itself? The writers leave that decision to you. “Goodbye. It’s been nice working with you.”


4. Rob Roberts

The X Files Rob Roberts Hungry

Rob, a genetic mutant who fed on human brains, worked in the ironically titled Lucky Boy in ‘Hungry’. To be fair, he tried to control his urges, hiding his scary looks behind a wig and make up. However, Mulder and Scully saw though his disguise.


3. Beggar Man

The X Files Badlaa

The Beggar Man was played by acting legend Deep Roy in the episode ‘Badlaa’. As a murdering mystic of diminished stature he hid the bellies of his victims and, terrifyingly, escaped the clutches of Mulder and Scully and is thought to still be alive, somewhere, out there…


2. Eugene Tooms

The X Files Eugene Tooms Squeeze

Tooms is the first real character monster ever to appear on the The X-Files in the episodes ‘Squeeze’, and then later ‘Tooms’, in which he emerged from hibernation to consume the livers of his victims before descending into the darkness of his saliva glued nests. He managed this task by being able to squeeze into small spaces, between walls, in ducts and through vents.


1. Aliens

The X Files aliens

No rundown of X-Files monsters would be complete without the Aliens – and particularly the shape shifting, Terminator-like Bounty Hunters who pursued Mulder and Scully relentlessly in ‘Colony’, ‘Within’ and ‘End Games’.

Looking like the traditional Grey aliens of lore, these creatures took on the powerful, terrifying look of nasty human hybrids in their desperation to stop our heroes discovering – and publicising – the truth.


The X-Files returns in the US on Sunday 24 January and the new season will air on Channel 5 in the UK from early February.

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Which X-Files monster do you find the scariest? Let us know below…

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