Casino Royale

When the Choice is Royale

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After the highly successful sell-out screening at the Royal Albert Hall of Casino Royale, accompanied by a live orchestra earlier this month I began to wonder just why so many argue that this one is the best version of this iconic film.

One sure truth is that Dainel Craig brought a breath of fresh air to his portrayal of Ian Flemmings hero and with another Bond film with Daniel Craig playing the lead confirmed we can look forward to more of the same in around two years’ time.

The strange thing is that Craig was considered as an unusual casting decision where many actually opposed the choice who thought that he would neither look the part or act as we expect James Bond to act.

With Clive Owen and Ralph Fiennes both being considered for the role the casting directors luckily felt that Craig would suit the role of Bond as a younger, rougher, less experienced and far more vulnerable spy – and they were right as the casting of Craig turned out to be perfect.

Personally, I love the whole atmosphere that surrounds this film, mind you I like a lot of films that have the glitz and glamour of a casino included whether the characters in the films are out to play there, rob it or cause mayhem – for me it’s all good.

I enjoy everything to do with casinos both online and off and currently I am enjoying the best slot sites in the UK where I can enjoy a few games wherever and whenever I choose and as life appears to be even more demanding than ever to such an extent that I can’t always afford the time to search out new sites that are trustworthy then having this resource at my fingertips is welcomed.

The Bond franchise has been such an amazing success that it has established a wealth of partnerships with other popular brans over the whole of its life and of course this has included a number of big poker sites wanting to have their brand names promoted in the movie with PokerStars came close to closing a deal even promoting some Bond themed poker merchandise in anticipation. Unfortunately, the producers decided at the very last minute to end such negotiations resulting we did not see any PokerStars logo at certain points in the casino scenes.

Personally, I believe this was a bad move as marrying up the film with real-life would have been a total breakthrough, but of course there will always be those that are worried about associating their brands with anything to do with gambling even if the movie is called Casino Royale.