Supernatural season 15 trailer teases the beginning of the end

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The Winchesters are set to go out all guns blazing as the final season of the show gets ready to rumble…

Supernatural is finally (finally!) coming to an end after reaching the kind of ripe old age where it would be preparing to leave school and push off to college. The long-running series, which is beloved by its hardcore fan base and has become a kind of odd curiosity for everyone who quit watching it when its creator left in season 5, is gearing up to start screening its final batch of episodes next month.

In the new trailer for season 15 (yes), brothers Sam and Dean Winchester contemplate the possibility of being free from the hunter’s life forever. There’s just one catch – they may have to fight every evil soul in Hell to do it. No pressure, boys!

Check it out…

Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins have all returned for the last gasp, and we’ve heard there’ll be some big surprises in store.

Supernatural season 15 will get underway in the US on 10th October. There’s no premiere date yet for UK audiences, and Amazon Prime Video isn’t currently streaming season 14 for catch-up purposes.