A look at London’s local cultural talent

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London’s showbiz factor is one to rival any other city.

With a wealth of great theatres such as the Gielgud and Prince Edward, as well as many fantastic drama schools, it’s no surprise that London has produced some of the acting world’s best on-screen performers.

In fact, London’s art scene as a whole is blossoming more than ever, with galleries such as Lumas likely playing a strong part in cultivating the city’s domestic talent. In addition to their online store found here, the Lumas galleries are located on Westbourne Grove and South Molton Street.

With that in mind, there is of course a plethora of home-grown acting talent that hails from inside London’s boundaries, which when fused with the international creativity that resides inside the big smoke, creates something incredibly special.

Join us in looking at a few of our favourite London-born actors…


Jude Law

Embodying everything that is seemingly British: suave, dapper, and eloquent, Law is one British icon that always gets touted as ‘the next Bond’.

Born in Lewisham in 1972, Law had breakout role in 1997’s Gattaca, then going on to play incredibly smooth characters in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) and a remake of Alfie (2004). However, Law is known to break his ‘nice guy’ demeanour, especially in 2002’s Road to Perdition, where he played a ruthless hitman with a penchant for photographing dead bodies.

Perhaps best known to cinema fans for his role as Dr. Watson in the big screen action adaptions of Sherlock Holmes, Law has recently been confirmed to star in a third Holmes movie, alongside Robert Downey Jr. as the titular character.


Tom Hardy

Hammersmith-born Hardy has found himself in a wide variety of roles throughout his career, yet most seem to make use of his unique intensity and large physical appearance. Other than playing the colossal villain Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, Hardy has also played a mixed martial arts fighter in Warrior (2011) and one of cinema’s most well-known bad boys in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road.

However, Hardy’s London heritage is incredibly befitting to one of his most recent films, Legend, in which he plays both identical twin gangsters – The Krays, who operated one of the most notorious gangs in London during the 1960s.


Kate Beckinsale

Born in the Finsbury Park area of London, Beckinsale is talented actor in her own right, yet likely most well-known for her role in Underworld. In the 2003 action film, Beckinsale plays Selene: an ass-kicking vampire embroiled in a centuries-old war against werewolves.

Beckinsale has gone on to reprise the role in three other Underworld films, with a fifth set for release late 2016.


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