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CultBox is a UK entertainment website focusing on British TV drama and comedy.

Aimed at a mainstream geek-culture audience (think somewhere between SFX and Digital Spy), the site is updated daily with news, reviews, features and interviews, with over 12,000 pages of exclusive content.

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Other options may also be available and we’d love to hear about any suggestions that you may have.


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“We work with CultBox to create content partners, advertorial and competition focussed solutions for our publishing and entertainment clients. The enthusiasm and waves created by the engaged CultBox audience mean that the activity is often hugely successful. The work of the CultBox team is always tireless to both work with us to create the right solution and implement the campaign in the most efficient way.” – James Erskine, The Big Shot

“We have worked closely with CultBox on a number of our projects ranging from DVDs to TV to live events and have always found them great to work with, especially when we want to reach young adults.” – Clementine Kirby, Taylor Herring PR

“Our go-to media owner when we have content for a TV and film audience. Enthusiastic and helpful people to work with too!” – Rachael Beckett, Grapevine Digital

“Holler have a rich heritage in broadcast marketing and CultBox have been a great entertainment site to partner with across a number of our campaigns, from clips to competitions. They have always delivered great numbers and response from within their enthusiastic, switched-on TV and entertainment readership.” – Rob Hyde, Marketing Manager, Holler

“We love seeing titles we PR get onto CultBox. We know then that we’re hitting discerning fans – and in real volume – of all things in cult entertainment. Cult fans are the best informed on the web – they demand high standards and CultBox delivers, which is why it’s essential for us to be on there.” – Almar Haflidason, The Associates PR

CultBox are extremely professional and always a pleasure to work with. I’ve worked with them on a number of campaigns at Unruly and they have always been very reliable and fast.” – Caitlin Galer-Unti, Unruly Media

“As we work on a wide range of titles, it’s great to have a site like CultBox that we can go to on a regular basis – not only does the coverage go live quickly, it looks great and reaches the perfect demographics for us.” – Jenni Trimlett, Romley Davies Publicity