Frequently asked questions

What is CultBox?

CultBox is a UK entertainment website focusing on British TV drama and comedy. The site is updated daily with news, reviews, features and interviews.

Can I write for the site?

We have a large team of writers, but are always on the lookout for more. If you’re interested or have an idea for an article, drop us an email via our Contact form for further details.

How do I advertise on CultBox?

Details are available on our Advertising page.

How do I send you a press release?

You can drop us an email via our Contact form.

Can I do work experience at CultBox?

Unfortunately we don’t currently offer work placements, sorry.

Why are a lot of the shows that you cover not really cult TV?

Unfortunately, a lot of the British cult TV shows that were around when we started (and named the site!) are no longer being made: Being Human, Primeval, Misfits, Bedlam, Torchwood, Merlin, etc. As a result, we’ve expanded to cover a wider range of British TV drama and comedy series.