‘Being Human’: Who do you think is the ‘wolf-shaped bullet’?

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The third series of BBC Three’s Being Human reaches a dramatic conclusion this weekend, with Mitchell trapped by the police following Nancy’s investigation into the Box Tunnel massacre. Episode 8, titled ‘The Wolf-Shaped Bullet’, airs at 9pm on Sunday 13th March.

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CultBox asked you to vote for which character you think is the ‘wolf-shaped bullet’ who, according to Lia’s prophesy, will kill Mitchell…

40% of you reckon it’s Mitchell’s best mate, George

32.7% of you think it’s George and Nina’s baby

16.4% of you have your suspicions about Nina

9.1% of you think it’s Tom McNair

1.8% reckon it’s McNair

Now we just have to wait until Sunday to find out if the prophesy is true!