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Will Netflix be taking us back to the Grishaverse?

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As we’re sure you know, the Grishaverse is the world of Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows novels — now we’ve had a few weeks since season 2 of Shadow and Bone, we look at the chance of a return

We recently talked about the chance of a season 3 for Shadow and Bone, as well as the possibility of a second series set in the Girshaverse featuring the Crows. After week one, it was looking positive, but not certain. We’ve had no word from Netflix, but we do have more numbers (up to and including week 3). Here’s an extract for Shadow and Bone:

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Season 2      50,400,000    55,030,000    27,000,000
Season 1   24,070,000    21,300,000 *
Total 74,470,000    76,330,000    27,000,000

Objectively, these numbers aren’t stellar. On Week 1, the show came in at #2 to You season 4 (and there will be a season 5). Week 2 saw The Night Agent arrive with a massive 168,710,000 audience, rising to a vast 216,390,000 on its second week. It too is renewed, and while genres are very different, it will be a cheaper show to produce we expect.

*We don’t have numbers for season 1 this week, as it wasn’t in the Top 10

So will we return to the Grishaverse?

While we’d suggest the audience isn’t there, we are convinced the desire is. Since release, Netflix has bombarded us with various little behind the scenes videos with cast and set tours. There’s a dedicated guide on the Netflix Tudum site, and we felt (despite some flaws with story pacing) season 2 was a step up and the Crows have plenty of scope for their own series. It looks like a show Netflix want’s to build out from, but there’s every possibility it may not be enough.

Another favourite, Lockwood & Co has less presence at Netflix, and has vanished from the ratings. Quality isn’t enough in the current climate. Not every show gets renewed, particularly if it’s expensive to make. Numbers make the difference — Wednesday is still in the Netflix top 10 on its 18th week of release, and there will be more. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some other renewals.