Slot machine icons and symbols

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A Comprehensive Guide to Caesar’s Slot Machine Icons and Other Various Symbols From Caesar’s

Introduction #1: Playtika

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Introduction #2: The Beginning

Casino games have come a long way since Charles Fey developed the first symbol back in 1895. Now there are too many symbols and icons to keep track. We have included a list detailing the symbols and icons most important to the casino slot machines.

Players who have a better understanding of what the icons mean can make better choices during their gaming.

Types of Slot Machine Symbols

1) The Standard Symbols deal with more of the classic images such as cherries and various other fruits. They also have the playing cards including everything from Aces to tens.

2) The Scatter Symbols deal with regular payouts and the bonus winnings a player may come across.

3) The Bonus Symbols deal with the bonus rounds. The difference between the bonus and the scatter is you need to land on a specific line to make them count.

4) The Wild Symbols have a lot of different meanings. To get a better understanding of the different meanings please click here.

The Slot Machine Icons and What You Need to Know

The icons represent the various types of machines in the casino. Think of each icon as a book cover to your favorite book. You can tell a lot about the game by what you see on the icon. Every icon tells a different story, and each icon is its own creation. You can find out more about the different icons and their stories by clicking here.

The Fruit Slot

Fruit symbols have been a staple in Casino slot machines since the beginning of time. The first one came during the 20th century. Did you know that payouts came originally in the form of fruit gum?

Why gum? Gambling was illegal in most places during this time. The casinos wanted to reward the players in some way. They decided to pay players in gum. It worked because it got people to come back and play. Players started calling the slot machines “chewing gum dispensers.”

The Slot Machines Today

Much has changed since slot machines dispensed gum to their patrons. The classic fruit slot machines find it increasingly hard to keep up with the advancements of today, but they do carry a nostalgic feel. A lot of players like to stay true to the classics and continue to play them.

The best part of the classic fruit slots is they will never go out of style. Trends come and go, but you cannot mess with the original.

See the infographics below to find out more about the fruit slots and their history.