Ioan Gruffudd’s ‘Forever’ UK start date confirmed

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Forever, a new US supernatural TV drama about an immortal medical examiner in New York City, will air in the UK on Sky1 this autumn.

Starring Ioan Gruffudd (Hornblower, Fantastic Four), the show launches in the US on ABC next week.

The thirteen-part first season begins in the UK at 9pm on Thursday 2 October on Sky1.

Watch the trailer…

Henry Morgan is a highly respected medical examiner in New York who also happens to be immortal – he regularly kicks the bucket but always springs back to life, inexplicably in his birthday suit and in a handily located body of water. That’s right, lots of sopping wet, naked Gruffudd.

Henry has no idea why he’s been given this gift-cum-curse, but is determined to unravel the mystery of his existence, of which there are more cons than pros. While hanging out on the planet for a couple of centuries (he looks good for 200) means the Doc has developed Sherlock-style powers of observation, he’s also had to watch a string of family, friends and lovers – one in particular who we see in flashback – pass on.

The only person privy to Henry’s extraordinary secret is best pal Abe (Judd Hirsch, Numb3rs), although it’s unlikely to stay that way when Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza, Law & Order) comes snooping in this opening episode to figure out why a deadly train crash – one, by the way, that ‘killed’ Henry – took place. It’s the start of a beautiful partnership (ie lots of squabbling) that, as the series progresses, is surely going to develop into a doomed romance.

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