Super Hans is back, live and unleashed

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Matt King is a phenomenally good value entertainer. He’s stealing every scene he can in the ongoing BBC drama In the Dark, his Paddington cameo is most memorable, and he leaves such an impression in Bronson that the illusion of a one man show by Tom Hardy is thankfully, forgivingly shattered.

But there’s no denying that King’s most effective star turn is as Super Hans, the elemental lunatic from Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong’s Peep Show.

That show came to its end – and a conclusive, resonant end at that – in 2015. It’s probably best left to rest. But it would be a ridiculous oversight to ever consider Super Hans down for the count.

And so it is brilliantly inevitable that Hans is back. King will be reprising the character again this September for a club night at London’s Scala, the tickets for which are on sale now.

The blurb promises an unforgettable experience – some might say ‘happening’ – with “Croydon’s most famous drug addled cracked up maniac.”

Expect this renowned madman to cook up a powerful sense of dread and pound some of the biggest beats imaginable into your tiny little skulls in one of London’s finest venues.

The first fifty to buy tickets will get a snake, Scala say. Those are probably all gone now, so don’t be scared. Perhaps more realistic, or at least straightforward, is the notion of prizes for Peep Show fancy dress. Mind you, I see a lot of Mark Corrigan cosplay around so the competition might be pretty stiff.

Super Hans previously played Glastonbury and somehow even pulled off a UK tour. These events were, it seems, the stuff that surreal, slightly scary anecdotes were made of. If only I were man enough…