‘Nurse Jackie’: Season 3 DVD review

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Just when you thought salvation was at hand, Season 3 represents very much business as usual for everyone’s favourite pill-popping nurse.

Edie Falco’s award-winning turn in Showtime’s Nurse Jackie is just one of the many reasons to tune in to this anarchic portrayal of marriage meltdowns and broken relationships set in and around the bustling wards of New York All Saints’ Hospital.

The end of Season 2 signalled a potential intervention by Jackie’s husband and co-worker Dr O’Hara in a bid to once and for all kick the pills, but fortunately her minor flirtation with rehab and the chance of a twelve-step resolution to this 12 episode season is jettisoned very early on with a resolute statement of intent.

One of the most endearing aspects of the show is a shifting tone which creates an anti-hero that one is actually rooting for. In lesser hands Jackie could simply come across as a harridan, but with the likes of actors such as Steve Buscemi and Bob Balaban directing two episodes each this season, the line between hateful and lovable is carefully trod.

There are some definite highlight moments in Season 3 with officious hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus coming into her own with an attempt to start a fight against obesity in order to lure First Lady Michelle Obama to the hospital (a potential cameo with has yet to materialise!).

The forced bonding of Kevin and Eddie provides awkward light relief and, whilst the climax to the season can be seen a mile away, there are more than enough flashes of brilliance to keep the interest of even the fair-weather viewer.

Released on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 5th March 2012 by Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

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