‘Psychoville’ review

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When you place restrictions on your creativity – like a half hour sitcom with no apparent cuts, for instance – you will hopefully end up being even more creative, and there were many pleasing scenes here that the camera wasn’t allowed to avoid: Steve Pemberton looming over a potential murder victim with a vicious knife in one hand, plate of HobNobs in the other, for instance.

Another unexpected pleasure was the appearance of Mark Gatiss, meaning that The League Of Gentlemen were briefly together again. When the League do reunite, as surely they will, albeit sans Royston Vasey, it should be like this: half hour stories, all a bit spooky and ooky.

In fact, let’s see them remake stuff like Tales Of The Unexpected and The Twilight Zone. We’re already looking forward to the one where Reece Shearsmith plays the wronged wife who murders her husband with a frozen leg of lamb, or the one where Mark Gatiss sees a horrifying gremlin on the wing of his plane, played by Steve Pemberton. Oh, c’mon, that would be genius, wouldn’t it?

Airs at 9pm on Thursday 9th July 2009 on BBC Two.