‘Being Human’: Series 2 episode guide

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Russell Tovey and co return in the second series of BBC Three’s Being Human, following the lives of three housemates who also happen to be a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire.

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The series kicks off with the consequences of George murdering Herrick beginning to catch up with him…


Episode 1
Sunday 10th January 2010

After a night in the pub, George and Mitchell are challenged in a dark alley by married vampires Ivan and Daisy, who are looking to taunt the pair in retaliation for the downfall of their late leader. Daisy, however, has more than revenge on her mind. As well as the conflicts with the supernatural, George also has issues closer to home with his relationship with Nina. Clearly under strain after Nina’s dramatic discovery of George’s secret, the couple seem to be avoiding the consequences it has for each of them.

Nina seeks comfort from Annie, who is wholeheartedly embracing her newfound confidence by applying for a job as a barmaid at the local pub. Annie sets about her mission with her usual gusto, much to the bemusement and concern of her housemates.

Meanwhile, Mitchell meets new doctor Lucy in the hospital toilets and her sharp wit and honesty capture his attention. Duly distracted by the new trials unfolding in their individual lives, the friends are unaware of the ominous threat that could be facing them. Are the supernatural friends safe in the world they’re desperate to be part of?


Episode 2
Sunday 17th January 2010

Mitchell has a blast from the past when an old friend arrives at the hospital dead and bloodied. Lucy, the witty nurse who has got Mitchell increasingly tongue-tied, spots suspicious-looking marks on the man’s neck and is intrigued to know how he came to such a messy end.

Annie, meanwhile, is loving her job as a barmaid, particularly as it means she can chat and flirt with Saul for the whole shift – much to Hugh’s annoyance. Saul’s charisma seems to have worked its magic on Annie, and she plucks up the courage to ask him on a date. But with Saul having strange encounters behind closed doors, it looks like his charm might begin to fade.

George and Nina are tentatively trying to make their relationship work but discovering George’s dark secret and sharing a house with supernatural beings is starting to take its toll on Nina. It’s not helped by Mitchell’s old friend, Carl, turning up on their doorstep in urgent need of help. Events that threaten to cause the exposure of the vampire world begin to spiral. While their hopes for a bit of normality seem dashed, the friends are unaware that their every word is being monitored – but what will the technicians do with this information?


Episode 3
Sunday 24th January 2010

After a brief house-meeting the friends decide they need to start hanging out and being there for each other more than they have been lately. George and Annie reflect on their past romances, whereas Mitchell has far more pressing matters to concern himself with. Annie is feeling guilty for hurting Hugh – she’s convinced he deserves a “proper” girlfriend – so employs George to try and help Hugh get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Kirsty. Annie’s genius plan? For George to take Kirsty on the worst date ever… However, with Nina’s departure still weighing heavily on him George’s heart is not really in the operation, and the night takes an unusual turn.

Mitchell’s relationship with Lucy is becoming strained, particularly after the death of one of her patients, and when they do finally make it out on a date together it looks like Mitchell might ruin his chances by refusing to give away too much about himself.

Upon the discovery of two bodies with suspicious-looking injuries, Mitchell is forced to strike deals left, right and centre to cover up the shady murder. Somehow he must stop the vampires from killing. But is Mitchell losing control of the situation? And elsewhere, are Nina’s new contacts who she thinks they are?


Episode 4
Sunday 31st January 2010

George gets a new job, a new girlfriend and even a cage to transform in. But he soon realises that containing the werewolf isn’t as easy as he had hoped. Annie meets an enigmatic ghost who offers to help her keep death at bay. Mitchell’s attempts to control the vampires leads him further into darkness.


Episode 5
Sunday 7th February 2010

Mitchell is getting closer to Lucy and she, in turn, is struggling to contain her feelings for Mitchell. Mitchell has only really fallen in love once before and, in a flashback to the Sixties, viewers learn how his relationship with Josie saved him from the excesses of vampiredom. Back in the present with Lucy, it’s clear he’s struggling to reconcile the difference between human love and vampire lust.

Meanwhile, George’s relationship with Sam and her daughter, Molly, is going well and George wonders if there might be a chance to make the most of this normal human relationship – could he become Molly’s step-father? Annie experiences parental feelings of her own when she’s asked to babysit an unusual child…


Episode 6
Sunday 14th February 2010

Annie stumbles across several of her own kind at a local theatre and ends up getting a job working there with the stage psychic. Judging by his abilities, the psychic is grateful for her help. She finds a new sense of purpose by helping ghosts resolve their issues with their living relatives, but things take a turn for the worse when someone from her past appears in the audience.

Meanwhile, Lucy’s reaction to sleeping with Mitchell has some very violent and shocking repercussions. And as George’s relationship with Nina becomes more serious, she has an important question for him.


Episode 7
Sunday 21st February 2010

Mitchell is devastated when he discovers the truth about Lucy and the vampire massacre. He and Daisy swear revenge – in style. Meanwhile Nina returns, presenting George with the most difficult decision of his life. There are big decisions for Annie, too, as she contemplates whether it is now time for her to pass on.

Nina tells George and Annie about Jaggat and Kemp’s facility and tries to persuade them to go along with her. Will they agree to put their fate in the hands of the strangers? And has Mitchell turned bloodthirsty for good this time?


Episode 8
Sunday 28th February 2010

George and Annie are inside Kemp and Lucy’s facility, still hoping that they can be cured of their supernatural afflictions,. Mitchell, knowing just how cruel these “cures” really are, aims to save his friends from Kemp’s macabre experiments.

But, as his heart blackens with rage and fury, can his friends save him from himself? And how will he react when he’s face to face with Lucy, the lover who betrayed him? And, as death’s door opens for her again, is this really the end of Annie?