‘Dead Set’ episode guide

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Written by Charlie Brooker, E4’s new five-part zombie horror series Dead Set begins this October.

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Episode 1
Monday 27th October 2008

It’s a typical Friday night eviction on Big Brother. Except it’s not a typical evening; there are reports of disturbances and riots all over the country. BB Producer Patrick has just heard that the live show may be bumped for breaking news on the riots.

Runner Kelly meanwhile, alongside her usual frantic eviction night tasks, is also juggling having to avoid calls from her long-term boyfriend Riq, who keeps ringing to find out exactly why she didn’t come home last night. As tearful Scot Pippa is evicted from the house and interviewed by Davina, all hell is breaking loose outside. There’s a complete massacre of the BB audience as zombies start to attack. Can Patrick and Kelly get to safety? And just what has happened to Davina?


Episode 2
Tuesday 28th October 2008

After an encounter with a zombie, Riq meets lone armed survivor Alex. The pair team up and escape the zombies by hiding in an abandoned country house. BB Producer Patrick begins to realise that he is stuck in the green room with newly evicted Pippa and no communication to the outside world, no food and no way out – zombie Davina is patrolling the corridor outside.

Grayson tries to nurse Angel whose health is rapidly deteriorating. Having found safety inside the BB house, Kelly, along with Marky and Space, now has to venture outside again. Armed with knives, the three speed off to the supermarket in the hope of getting the medication that could save Angel’s life.


Episode 3
Wednesday 29th October 2008

At the country house Riq turns on the E4 live feed to try and determine what has happened at the BB studio. Meanwhile in the greenhouse Grayson tries to comfort Angel. When she stops breathing Grayson realises he needs to kill her in case she turns into a zombie. But can he bring himself to do it?

On the live feed at the country house Riq sees the housemates re-entering the BB house and is relieved to see Kelly on screen. She is alive.


Episode 4
Thursday 30th October 2008

Riq decides he must leave the safety of the country house in order to get to Kelly. But at what cost to himself and Alex? The rest of the housemates are having dinner when suddenly a BB voice comes over the loud speaker.

The housemates think they are being rescued but Kelly recognises Patrick’s voice. Patrick is hatching an escape plan. Kelly tries to reason with him – the entire compound is surrounded by zombies. There’s no way out. They’re trapped. As Riq finally makes his way to the BB compound, Marky, who has been keeping watch on the roof, thinks he has spotted another stray zombie and is about to shoot…


Episode 5
Friday 31st October 2008

Riq and Kelly are reunited. Kelly thinks that Riq has arrived to take her away and save her. However he only brings dire warnings about the state of the world outside. Patrick is pacing the garden, muttering to himself; half-demented. Ignoring Riq’s tales of the outside world he tries to persuade the housemates to leave with him. Riq urges them to stay.

Patrick pleads for his life as Veronica tries to persuade the housemates they need to kill him in order to protect and save themselves. Patrick takes Kelly hostage. It turns into chaos as Riq fights to save his girlfriend. But Kelly won’t give up the fight as the threat of the zombies comes ever nearer…