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Based upon the life of flamboyant American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, who founded the world‐renowned store on London’s Oxford Street in 1909, the second series of Mr Selfridge picks up the story in 1914 as the store celebrates its 5th anniversary of trading.

Harry, played by Emmy award‐winning American actor, Jeremy Piven (Entourage), is proud of the store’s success but there is no time to rest on his laurels. With rumours rife with talk of war in Europe, he prepares staff for challenging times ahead. The store must play its own part in the war effort and help keep morale high on the home front.

Now more than ever Harry needs his wife, Rose, played by Frances O’Connor (AI: Artificial Intelligence), by his side. But in the last five years, they have become increasingly estranged. Whilst Rose has been spending long periods in America with the couple’s daughters and their son Gordon attends school in Winchester, Harry lives the life of a single man in London.

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Episode 1

Sunday 19 January 2014, 9pm

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In the first episode of the new series, Rose returns to support her husband during the anniversary celebrations. Surprised and thrilled to have her back, Harry embarks on a campaign to win her back and reunite the family. But Rose is caught up with an exciting new friendship with Bohemian novelist and business woman, Delphine Day, played by Polly Walker, whom she met on the boat home from New York. Delphine is self‐assured, inspiring and a breath of fresh air for Rose. As the owner of the infamous Delphine’s Club in Soho, she begins to empower Rose and leaves Harry feeling beleaguered and sidelined.

Lady Mae Loxley, played by Katherine Kelly, is also thrown off stride by the unexpected return to London of her husband, Lord Loxley, played by Aidan McArdle. Loxley is an alpha male who creates tensions and animosity at every turn and his unsettling presence threatens to drive a wedge between Harry and Lady Mae.

Arrival of a flamboyant new Head of Fashion, Mr Thackeray, also sets a cat amongst the pigeons. Mr Thackeray spent his formative years working in Paris and relishes the opportunity to remind his colleagues of his illustrious training. He considers himself a cut above the other staff, especially Agnes Towler, played by Aisling Loftus, who he views as competition from the outset.

Agnes has been working in Paris and returns to London in episode one to work for Harry as Selfridge’s new Head of Display. With the fashion and style influence of the Parisians, Agnes turns heads with her sophisticated new look. Old flame, Victor Colleano, played Trystan Gravelle, has been promoted to manage Selfridge’s restaurant the Palm Court and has moved on with his life in Agnes’ absence. That is until Victor’s sparky young cousin and newly appointed waiter in the Palm Court, Franco, played by Sean Teale, decides to cause some mischief. And Henri Leclair, played by Gregory Fitoussi, returns from America a changed man.

Other key characters also return and we pick up with their stories four years on. These include Miss Josie Mardle, played by Amanda Abbington, Tom Goodman­ Hill as Harry’s Chief of Staff Mr Roger Grove, Ron Cook as Harry’s ever-­‐faithful right hand man, Mr Crabb, Samuel West as journalist Frank Edwards, Amy Beth Hayes as ambitious shop girl Kitty Hawkins and Calum Callaghan as George Towler.

With World War One imminent and set to be the greatest and most devastating in history, it will inevitably affect the lives of everyone in the store. Throughout these troubled times, Harry will turn to his family and friends and try and heal the rifts of the past.


Episode 2

Sunday 26 January 2014, 9pm

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As the Selfridge’s staff arrive for work they have to cross a trade union protest at the staff entrance. Demanding better rights and protections for workers, the protest is stirring up emotions with the staff – especially with all the talk of war.

Harry (Jeremy Piven) wants to reassure the staff and the public that he isn’t going anywhere. Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) has the idea of holding a tango demonstration for the staff, to thank them for all their hard work. Tango’s all the rage, and Delphine’s club has some tango dancers currently in residence. Harry loves the idea, but wants to reassure the public too by having some sort of Celebration of the Empire within the store. Mr Thackeray (Cal MacAninch) devilishly suggests the Empire Celebration last a whole week, across all departments, just to put pressure on Agnes (Aisling Loftus).

Lady Mae (Katherine Kelly) is escaping to the country, without Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle). But her plans are thwarted when Loxley reveals he’s leased the country estate out. Meanwhile, Rose (Frances O’Connor) is convinced she saw Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) at the club last time she was there, and asks Delphine (Polly Walker) if she has an address for him.

Rose persuades Harry to think about holding the staff tango party at Delphine’s club. After checking out Delphine’s club for himself, he agrees. Harry decides to invite Lady Mae to the tango party, and Loxley invites himself along too – much to Mae’s frustrated displeasure.

Trade unionist Arnold Huxton (Iain McKee) stops by the loading bay to rustle up support. Being a member of a union is banned at Selfridge’s as they have an active staff council and many other benefits. Despite this, Ed (Jonathan Howard) and Dave (Daniel Kendrick) are still interested in the union. They arrange a secret meeting with Huxton the night of the tango party, but Harry’s son Gordon (Greg Austin) has overheard their plans…

Rose visits Henri, who is living in squalor, unkempt and a far cry from the elegant Henri who left for New York four years ago. Although Rose wants Henri to make up with Harry, who needs him more than ever, Henri is disinterested and tells her to leave.

The tango party at Delphine’s is a big success, and the staff dance in the face of war. The sultry, sensual demonstration sets pulses racing – not least Frank’s (Samuel West) who can’t believe how brilliant Kitty is when she volunteers to dance in front of everyone! Victor (Trystan Gravelle) and Agnes (Aisling Loftus) share a refreshed flirtation until Agnes says there’s nothing left between them. Soon enough, The Loxleys arrive, and when Lord Loxley approaches Harry to talk business, Harry rebuffs him. Mr Grove (Tom Goodman Hill) has got himself drunk, admitting to Crabb (Ron Cook) that he feels overwhelmed by work and family life. He worries about the prospect of war, and the impact it’ll have on his children.

Meanwhile, Gordon has sneaked into the secret trade union meeting in the loading bay. When Selfridge’s staff start realising how good they’ve got it the unionists get agitated and a fight breaks out, with Gordon caught in the middle.

There’s big trouble between Harry and Rose when Delphine lets slip about Rose visiting Henri.  Harry can’t believe Rose didn’t tell him Henri was in London. Their marriage remains fragile, strained, and incredibly complicated. Things are also tense in the Loxley household. When Mae mocks Loxley about being rebuffed by Harry – a lowly shopkeeper in his eyes – he hits her hard across the face and Mae lies on the floor, shocked and scared.


Episode 3

Sunday 2 February 2014, 9pm

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Agnes is working very late, through the night, preparing for the Empire Exhibition that Harry is rolling out across the entire store. The following morning is soon becomes to clear to Harry that Agnes is struggling with the workload. Meanwhile in the store, MR CRABB tries to cover for Mr Grove when HARRY suspects he’s late again. But when Harry goes into Grove’s office to confront him he is shocked to see the state it’s in. Mr Grove later gets a stern final warning – shape up or ship out!

At home Harry finds a visitor waiting for him – HENRI! Harry takes the opportunity to apologise to Henri and asks him back to the store. Will Henri accept? ROSE and Harry have a tense breakfast; Harry tries to apologise for his reaction when he first discovered she’d found Henri. But Rose isn’t in the forgiving mood. Gordon has had enough of the frostiness between his parents. He leaves in anger, but on his way out drops a pile of racy photos foisted whilst working in the loading bay. Rose picks them up and is appalled.

Miss Mardle has asked Grove to meet her at her new address. She’s inherited a large, beautiful London home and income from her brother. Grove is pleased she’s a woman of independent means now as it couldn’t have happened to a better woman. He suggests she could rent some of the rooms to paying lodgers.

After a tense morning at home with Loxley, Lady Mae is at the bank putting jewels into a secret safety deposit box. She questions the bank clerk for information about the state of Loxley’s finances and learns he has gambling debts and rumoured to be all washed up.

Meanwhile, Loxley makes an unannounced visit to Harry at the store. Loxley has arranged for Winston Churchill himself to open the Empire Exhibition. He’s also on the Military Procurement Committee and would like Harry to suggest some leather manufacturers to produce military boots. Later when Mae comes to the store Harry asks her if Loxley can be trusted and she vouches for him.

Henri comes into the store – finally. He and Agnes embrace like old friends, and Victor sees their happy reunion… Henri and Agnes catch up – is Henri holding something back about his time in America? Agnes suspects he is. At this moment, she doesn’t care – she’s just delighted he’s here. He offers to help her with the Empire Exhibition when she admits that she’s struggling. She really needs him – never more so than now.

Rose talks to Gordon about the smutty photos and Gordon takes the opportunity to make his feelings clear on relations between Rose and Harry. Why can’t she give his dad a break? He’s obviously trying very hard! His words, initially unwelcome, strike a chord with Rose.

At the restaurant, Uncle Gio upsets Gabriella with talk of looming war. Victor comforts her a bit too well and Gabriella misreads the signs… Kitty agrees to give Frank another chance and he takes her for a picnic in Green Park.

Henri helps Agnes with the last preparations for the Exhibition – Thackeray observes and notices that Henri is more shabby than he anticipated. We suspect that Thackeray’s not going to be a huge fan….how can Henri walk back in and expect to get his old job back? Victor bitterly comments that it looks like he just has…

Loxley discovers that Mae has put a new lock on her bedroom door. Come near her again and she’ll spread it around town that he’s a bankrupt! Mae’s won the battle – for now…

Harry worries about the trouble in Europe and suggests Rose go back to the States. Rose won’t – she wants to stay by Harry’s side and assures him it’s not just for duty’s sake. He in turn promises to not let her down. A moment of real tenderness between them.

Together, Henri and Agnes create a sumptuous exhibition and Harry couldn’t be more pleased. As the store waits for Churchill to turn up, Harry gives Loxley his list of recommendations for leather manufacturers and Mae notices the exchange. Is she worried about vouching for her husband to Harry?

Harry has to tell the store that Churchill won’t be coming – Germany has declared war on France and invaded Germany. Harry and Henri go to Delphine’s for a drink – it’s Delphine’s turn to make an announcement. Britain are going to war too….people break out in a rendition of ‘Rule Britannia’.


Episode 4

Sunday 9 February 2014, 9pm

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With news of the massacre in Belgium, men are clamouring to sign up and do their bit for the war effort. None are keener than George Towler (Calum Callaghan).

At the Selfridge house, Rose (Frances O’Connor), Mae (Katherine Kelly) and Delphine (Polly Walker) make last minute plans for the Belgian Chocolate Sale charity event. It’s to raise funds for the Belgian refugees and Harry’s giving them the Palm Court restaurant to host it in. Meanwhile, Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) meets a mysterious man called Webb  (Philip Rosch) and tells him that he’ll have his money when he can get it. What is Henri involved in?

Victor (Trystan Gravelle) bats off Uncle Gio’s (Vincenzo Nicoli) concerns about going to fight – will Victor sign up too? Grove (Tom Goodman Hill) and Crabb (Ron Cook) witness a line of men queuing up outside Grove’s office – what’s the store going to do if there’s a mass exodus of male workers? They discuss the problem with Harry (Jeremy Piven) who is only too aware of the situation. Victor tells Agnes that George is enlisting. Agnes is upset and pleads with George not to go but knows she can’t stop him.

In Harry’s office Harry asks Henri to be his Deputy, offering him a lot of money to stay. Henri reluctantly agrees to six months, no more. Harry also insists that Henri live at this house. It’s an offer Henri can’t refuse.

The Chocolate Sale starts! Agnes tries to place some chocolates and a donation tin on one of Thackeray’s fashion counters. When he objects Henri intervenes and insists that he comply. Thackeray wants to know on whose orders? Henri’s – as Deputy, he has that authority. Thackeray backs down but the hostility between the two men is evident.

Monsieur Jean Neuhaus (Anthony Howell), master chocolatier, works his magic on the crowd. Later he talks to chocolate fan Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) about the problems facing his countrymen and it forces Mardle to think that she could be doing her part for the war effort too. She wants to help the Belgian refugees in her own way and hatches a plan…

Frank (Samuel West) calls in on Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) and tells her that he’s landed his own newspaper column. He takes the opportunity to call in on Mae and to plump her for information about Loxley (Aidan McArdle) and his role on the Procurement Committee.

Back at the Loxley house, Pimble (Amanda Lawrence) secretly listens as Loxley meets his boot manufacturers. Mae’s asked her too. His final appointment is with a man that Loxley can strike a deal with – in a strictly confidential manner – and get a back-hander in return.

At the end of the charity event people gather in the Beauty and Accessories department as the Selfridge regiment comes together to enlist. George, Ed (Jonathan Howard), Dave (Daniel Kendrick) and Victor amongst many others queue up to fight for King and Country! Victor’s all set to sign up when Gabriella (Crystal Leaity) comes into the store and tells him that Uncle Gio is dying… He’s had a heart attack and his last wish is that Victor stays and looks after the family. Will Victor do as he asks?

Agnes pops in on Victor to see how he is. Victor he wants her to know that if he stays and does as Uncle Gio wished, that doesn’t mean he’s a coward. Agnes touches his hand and tells him that she’d never think that. When Agnes leaves it’s clear for all that Victor is still in love with her. Agnes has an emotional goodbye with George at home before he heads off to the pub with the boys to celebrate the start of their new adventure. Agnes asks him to promise to come back to her.


Episode 5

Sunday 16 February 2014, 9pm

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Agnes (Aisling Loftus) has now moved into Miss Mardle’s (Amanda Abbington) house. As they eat breakfast, Agnes receives a letter from George (Calum Callaghan) from the front telling her all is well. A tentative knock at the door reveals Miss Mardle’s new lodger. Instead of the female Belgian refugee she was expecting Miss Mardle is taken aback to find an extremely handsome male refugee named Florian (Oliver Farnworth).

The new Defence of the Realm Act means that lights across London will now go out at night – including the landmark Selfridge’s shop windows. Gordon (Greg Austin) can’t stop thinking about the Selfridge lads now out on the front; he wishes he could fight. Rose (Frances O’Connor) finds it difficult too; she wishes she could do more.  Meanwhile, Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) gets a frustrating and mysterious telephone call from Webb (Philip Rosch) who still has no results or new information for him…

With so many of the Selfridge men off fighting in the war, women have been employed to fill their roles. There are teething problems in the loading bay as their clothes aren’t practical, and some will need to be taught to drive. Crabb (Ron Cook) is a bit crabby about it all, and it turns out that he’s approaching a ‘special’ birthday and feeling a bit redundant given he’s too old to go to war. Harry (Jeremy Piven) decides to give him a challenge: to setup a training scheme of sorts. Crabb gets onto organising rifle training immediately, and with incredible enthusiasm!

Rose overhears about the ‘womanly’ problems in the loading bay and offers to help straight away! She recognises corsets must be a problem and instructs Grove (Tom Goodman Hill) to produce new, lighter, more practical work clothes for the women immediately.

Thackeray (Cal MacAninch) has a run in with Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) about women’s wear. Thackeray tells Henri not to lecture him about war  – why’s he not fighting for his country?

Delphine (Polly Walker) surprises Harry with an invite to a card game at the club. She’s heard that a position on the government’s Procurement Committee is coming up, and she knows how much Harry craves an official role in the war effort.

Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle) is suddenly awash with extra cash. He tells Mae (Katherine Kelly) he’s going to be more involved in commerce and needs her to be the perfect wife. Mae visits Selfridge’s fashion department to get new clothes but is disappointed by Thackeray’s offerings and by his insulting attitude towards her. Mae complains to Harry.

Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) goes to see Frank (Samuel West) at his office – she hasn’t seen him in a while and wants to show him what he’s been missing.  They have a cheeky flirtation that results in Frank inviting Kitty on a dinner date.

Miss Mardle has bought Florian a violin. She has to ask him to leave and hopes the instrument will help soften the blow. However, when push comes to shove she can’t do it!

Webb has finally got some information for Henri. It’s an address, and Henri leaves to go there right away. Little does he know that that a mischievous Thackeray has overheard… Thackeray sees Henri knock on a door and speak to a woman. When Henri leaves, Thackeray approaches the door, wanting to find out what secrets Henri is hiding. When the woman tells him Henri was asking about a woman who is now in Germany Thackeray is certain Henri is up to something untoward.

At Delphine’s private card game, Harry meets Lord Edgerton (Raymond Coulthard) and asks about the place of the Procurement Committee. Lord Loxley snubs Harry’s  advance: the position has been filled, by someone they know and trust. A mysterious latecomer to the game arrives, a chap called Bill Summertime (Jay Villiers). Who is he?

Victor is with Agnes at Miss Mardle’s house. Uncle Gio left him the restaurant and Victor wants Agnes advice. Agnes tells him she thinks it’s worth the risk. Victor uses the opportunity to ask if there’s still anything between Agnes and Henri.

When Harry returns home from the card game he tells Rose that he won. The chemistry between them sparks and she lets him into her bedroom for the first time in many years.


Episode 6

Sunday 23 February 2014, 9pm

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Anti-German feeling is running high in London and German goods are being taken off the shelves in Selfridge’s. Harry (Jeremy Piven) has arranged for the store to hold a patriotic concert to raise money for the troops. They just need to find a headline act.

Meanwhile, Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle) challenges Mae (Katherine Kelly) about having lovers  – it’s not part of their new deal. As punishment, he’s taken the key to her bedroom lock. The threat is implicit.

Bill Summertime (Jay Villiers) introduces himself formally to Harry at his office. He works for the British Government in Intelligence. He wants Harry to secretly work for them and travel to Germany on his American passport to gather information from German manufacturers. Harry is itching to help the war effort, could this be his chance?

Thackeray’s (Cal MacAninch) suspicions about Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) are growing and he tries to tackle him head on about his apparent allegiance to German products. Henri’s anger is palpable but Thackeray’s determined to get to the bottom of Henri’s mysterious behaviour.

Delphine (Polly Walker) accepts the wine that Harry’s been sending her to help with her diminishing stocks and she goes to the store to thank him personally. He tells her that Summertime’s been to see him. She warns him to be careful…she’s concerned and Harry’s touched by it. On her way out Delphine bumps into Rose (Frances O’Connor). Things are awkward between them as they haven’t seen each other for weeks.

Later, Henri bumps into Agnes (Aisling Loftus) outside as she waits for Victor (Trystan Gravelle) to take her out for the evening. Things are very strained between them and he tells her that she can do better. She tells him that Victor is a good man. It’s clear to Agnes that Henri is not the man she used to know.

Victor, Agnes, Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) and Florian (Oliver Farnworth) enjoy a music hall show led by tenor Richard Chapman (Alfie Boe). After the show, Lady Mae is waiting for him backstage to ask if he’ll sing at the patriotic concert at Selfridge’s. Mae becomes nostalgic as they talk about the past and confesses to Richard that her marriage is an unhappy one and she’s made mistakes.

Back at the store, Thackeray has approached Grove (Tom Goodman Hill) about Henri and his suspicious behaviour. Grove confronts Henri as he needs to address the rumours that have been circulating. Henri admits he has been in Germany but resents the accusation and hands in his notice.

Victor comes to Agnes’ studio with news. The bank have granted him a loan to get the restaurant back on its feet. He’s leaving the store and he wants Agnes to come with him, as his wife…

Loxley comes into the store to ask Harry for another favour. He’d like a list of Harry’s felt suppliers. Harry turns him down when he suspects that Loxley’s working for himself and profiting from the war. Loxley doesn’t hide his disgust, telling Harry he’s nothing but a tradesman who’s doing nothing to help the country that’s helped make him rich. It’s just the spur Harry needs to tell Bill Summertime that he’ll make the trip to Berlin.

At the patriotic concert, selected staff gather in excitement with the other guests – in amongst them the Loxleys. Grove’s keen to meet Miss Mardle’s lodger and gets a shock when he realises Florian is a man!

As Harry and Rose arrive for the concert, Harry’s pulled away by Crabb (Ron Cook) as there’s someone waiting for him in his office…Summertime tells Harry that he’s got to go to Berlin that evening and there’s no time to lose. He tells Harry to write a note for his wife saying he’s had to go to an urgent business meeting in Paris and he’ll back in a few days…

Delphine arrives just in time to see Harry leave with Summertime. She’s very concerned but wishes him luck and kisses him. Harry pleads with her not to tell Rose the nature of his trip. As Richard Chapman sings Danny Boy, the police arrive to question Henri on suspicion of spying. The staff can only look on helplessly.


Episode 7

Sunday 2 March 2014, 9pm

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As Frank (Samuel West) walks Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) to work, bemoaning his lack of scoops, police swarm the store. At the Selfridge house, Rose (Frances O’Connor) and Gordon (Greg Austin) watch on as the police swarm their home too…

Victor (Trystan Gravelle) can see Agnes (Aisling Loftus) is beside herself with anxiety and tells her to go to see Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) at the police station. She does and implores Henri to talk to her. Henri tells her he had been in Germany for personal reasons to track down his ex-love Valerie. Before Agnes goes, Henri sees her engagement ring and tells her that he’s glad – she deserves a good man like Victor.

Grove (Tom Goodman Hill) is alone with Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) and broaches the subject of Florian (Oliver Farnworth) with her. He’s concerned for her reputation. Miss Mardle is deeply offended….but it does make her think that she needs to deal with her domestic arrangements.

Later, Agnes talks to Grove and tells him that Henri is no spy. He has a rational explanation for the stay in Germany and for engaging a private detective. She think the person who accused him of espionage was Thackeray (Cal MacAninch). Grove warns Agnes to keep her allegation quiet, but assures her he’ll take care of it.

Rose is perturbed that she can’t get in touch with Harry (Jeremy Piven) in Paris. She searches his bureau and finds a letter addressed to Harry with a detailed list of German manufacturers and addresses. Rose goes straight to Delphine (Polly Walker) who tells her it’s been written by Bill Summertime (Jay Villiers), who works in Intelligence. Rose is shocked and worried and insists Delphine helps find him.

Meanwhile, Egerton (Raymond Coulhard) storms into the Loxley house – the boots that have been manufactured for the contract Loxley (Aidan McArdle) was looking after are complete rubbish. There’s a scandal brewing as men have been sent to the front with shoddy boots and Loxley’s going to take the blame for it. Mae (Katherine Kelly) is shocked and tells Loxley he should be ashamed of himself profiting from war. Loxley’s quick to remind her that she’s benefitted from his deals by spending his money all over town. Mae is left feeling powerless.

At the store, Miss Plunkett (Sadie Shimmin) gives Crabb (Ron Cook) a letter addressed to Harry. It’s from Dave’s (Daniel Kendrick) parents – one of Gordon’s friends that worked in the Loading Bay. He’s been killed in action. Without Harry here to write a letter of condolence, Crabb goes to Gordon (Greg Austin) who volunteers to write it himself.

Mae overhears Loxley talking to Frank Edwards (Samuel West) and putting his side of the story to him. She’s full of dread when she realises he’s going to try to frame Harry Selfridge for his crimes. It’s hard for Frank to swallow that Harry would get involved in something like this and if he’s to run with the story he needs to have cooberation. He needs to talk to Harry, the problem is, no one can get in touch with him….However, Frank’s editor has heard about the Harry Selfridge story and wants Frank to run with it. Harry’s not in Paris, he’s in Germany. He warns Frank that if he doesn’t write the story, someone else will….

Victor tells Thackeray he’d like to shake whomever dobbed Henri into the police by the hand. Thackeray can’t resist telling him it was him…Victor’s got the confession he was looking for. Thackeray is put before Rose and Grove to explain his behaviour. Grove tells him he’s thin ground but he can start to make amends by going to the police station and retracting his statement…Thackeray agrees.

Crabb interrupts, he’s holding the newspaper article written by Frank, and Harry has been accused of profiteering from the war. Plus there are rumours he’s in Germany! Rose insists they wait until he’s back to explain his actions.

Mardle decides to broach the subject of Florian’s feelings for her. It’s awkward but Florian tells her that it’s true – he does love her. He kisses her… Kitty’s read the story and is furious. She confronts Frank in his office – how could he even suspect that Harry Selfridge would EVER do a thing like this. For a clever man, he can be a real fool….

Mae makes a bold decision and tells Pimble (Amanda Lawrence) that she has to leave Loxley. Mae goes to Rose to warn her that Loxley intends to harm Harry. Rose can only treat her with contempt and tells her never to contact her or Harry again. Agnes thanks Victor for helping get Henri free. At Miss Mardle’s house, Mardle hands Agnes a telegram. Agnes fears the worst for her brother George…

Finally, Grove visits Rose at home. Henri’s been cleared of the spying accusation but there’s more. Henri was accused of theft in New York and skipped the country. Henri is a wanted man.


Episode 8

Sunday 9 March 2014, 9pm

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Harry (Jeremy Piven) arrives back in Britain in a storm of bad publicity – both to do with Germany and Henri Leclair (Gregory Fitoussi).  Rose (Frances O’Connor) is relieved to have him back but is surprised at how affected Harry is by the experience in Germany. She fills him in on everything he’s missed…

Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) is worried about Agnes (Aisling Loftus) and the lack of news about George (Calum Callaghan).  Florian (Oliver Farnworth) tries to comfort her; she feels uncomfortable when he tries to broach the subject of his feelings for her… Harry comes into the store through a crowd of journalists.  He and Crabb (Ron Cook) talk and Harry confides in him about why he went to Germany.  Harry’s risked everything – and for what?  The British Government assured him that they’d act with utmost discretion…

Lady Mae (Katherine Kelly) and Pimble (Amanda Lawrence) are in Mae’s hotel room – Pimble tells her that Loxley’s closed her account.  Mae decides to sell her jewels. Rose has been talking to Delphine (Polly Walker) about Harry being at a low edge – she realises he needs cheering up, some star dust – and she knows some people in town that will do just that.

Bill Summertime (Jay Villiers) comes into see Harry and Harry gives him the intelligence he gathered and tackles him about how news of his trip leaked and if he could help him with the procurement scandal.   Summertime said it’s not his problem – that’s Harry’s fight.  Harry’s very much on his own.

Harry talks to his staff to reassure them that the newspaper reports about his part in the Procurement scandal is a bunch of lies… Harry’s angry with Frank Edwards (Samuel West) whilst Kitty defends herself to Miss Mardle.  He reads out the statement that he’s written to the press but has he persuaded them to trust him?

Grove (Tom Goodman Hill) gives Harry the list of the store men who have died and Harry begins the sad task of writing to their families to express his sorrow. Agnes comes to talk to Harry about Henri being held at the American Embassy. Harry’s saddened that Henri never confided in him, that he lied to him.  Agnes makes him see that Henri must be innocent – and suggests that if Harry can help her find Valerie Maurel, that will help Henri out of the hole he’s in. Which gives Harry an idea….Summertime can help him. He does owe him a favour, after all. He seeks him out at Delphine’s club, shows him a picture of Valerie and asks him to find her for him.

Franks’ beginning to regret his story about Harry – something about it doesn’t smell right and he wants to make amends. His editor isn’t interested in the truth and won’t print Harry’s letter to the paper in which he denies the allegations made against him.

The store is very slow…no one is coming in because of the recent scandal.  Jessie (Sai Bennett) tells Kitty that her father wants her to leave the store as it has such a bad name at the moment. Just at that time, Delphine comes in with her Americans…no less than Mack Sennett (Joseph Beattie), producer and owner of Keystone film studios and Mabel Normand (Andrea Deck), actress and both bona fide Hollywood stars with their entourage. They intend to go on a huge shopping spree. Mack tells Harry that he’s always been an inspiration to him. He gets invited to a party Delphine’s throwing for them both at the club. But before that Delphine’s showing them around every department – Harry thanks her. This is just what he needed….Delphine is pleased.

Mae’s sold all her jewellery. Pimble’s nervous – Loxley’s (Aidan McArdle) tracked Mae down and he’s waiting for her in the lobby. She tells him she wants a divorce – Loxley tries to reason with her. He asks her to come home – it’s unnerving. Once he’s gone, Mae vows to Pimble that she’ll have to destroy him before he destroys her.

Agnes and Mardle speak in private and Agnes confides that she’s delivering a letter to Henri at the Embassy. She wants him to know that Mr Selfridge hasn’t given up on him.

Henri’s at the American Embassy. He’s being told in no uncertain terms that he’s in a lot of trouble. If he can’t prove his innocence, he’s getting sent back to America to face the music there. Is time running out for Henri?

At the Selfridge House, Gordon’s looking forward to the party at Delphine’s. Rose isn’t feeling great so she thinks she’ll cry off. A visitor is announced: Lady Mae. She wants to make amends. But he’s fed up with it. He dismisses her.

Agnes drops the letter off at the embassy. Henri reads it and it gives him hope. Harry and Gordon go to the party. They watch the films and they’re both in their element! Just what they needed. It’s The American dream at large. Miss Mardle reaches out to Florian to explain why she’s been so guarded and cold. She admits that she’s been running away from her feelings – she’s scared of getting hurt again.

The party gets wilder – Mabel chats with Gordon and gets him drunk on Tom Collins’ cocktails! Mack tries to get Harry to come and work in Hollywood. Be his partner! It’s certainly an attractive proposition for Harry at the moment. Bill Summertime comes in – he’s found Valerie for Harry.

The next day, Gordon’s suffering from an awful hangover… Crabb gathers the Head of Departments – they must remain united and loyal to Mr Selfridges. Thackeray tells them that Henri is likely to face charges in America and Kitty betrays the fact that she’s in cahoots with Frank Edwards – the man who wrote the damning piece. Miss Mardle stands up for her – much to Kitty’s surprise. Agnes asks Victor whether he thinks that Henri will get sent to America. Victor tells her she’s done enough for him and Agnes realises she has to let it go…

Valerie and Harry face Henri at the Embassy. Will Valerie’s explanation be enough to help Henri? Yes! Henri will return to the store with Harry and he’s going to stay to help Harry with the store for the next few months. Valerie catches him, tries to apologise – can they start again? Henri says no – the one good thing that has come out of this awful experience is that he’s realised he’s in love with someone else…

The heads of department gather again. Kitty thanks Miss Mardle for her support. Harry brings Henri back into the store. Agnes is over the moon to have Henri back. Alone in the studio, he thanks her for the letter she wrote to him – it meant everything. He wants to apologise for being such a fool…Agnes has to cut the conversation short, worried about where it’s headed. She reminds him that she’s engaged – and that Victor’s the man for her. Victor appears to take Agnes out as arranged and Henri’s stymied.

At home, Harry, Rose and Gordon celebrate Henri’s freedom – Fraser tells Harry he has a visitor – Mack. He’s on his way back to the States – is Harry sure he doesn’t want to come to Hollywood and be his partner? Harry’s flattered but declines – he’s not a movie man, he’s a merchant. He lives and breathes the store…has Harry finally got his mojo back?

Rose and Harry are in bed – Rose notes that Harry is more upbeat. And he’s got Delphine to thank for reminding him what’s important in life. He thanks Rose for bringing her into their lives – and we cut out on Rose, genuinely worried.


Episode 9

Sunday 16 March 2014, 9pm

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We open on Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) and Florian Dupont (Oliver Farnworth) in bed together…Miss Mardle encourages him to leave her before the house wakes up.

Harry (Jeremy Piven) despairs that he’s still big news in the press.  He’s got a meeting with his lawyers to try to put a stop to it all. He’s got Delphine coming in to the store to discuss strategy and wants Rose (Frances O’Connor) to join them.  Rose she has an appointment – but advises him to keep it simple.  Before he heads off, Harry sees a snippet in the paper – seems that Lady Mae has left Loxley.

Agnes (Aisling Loftus) waits for the postman to see if there’s any news from George (Calum Callaghan) – nothing. Florian walks Mardle to work – she gives him a little money to make sure he eats a decent lunch.  He kisses her and Grove witnesses the whole exchange. Mardle sees that he sees. Jessie (Sai Bennett) tries to hand in her notice to Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes), on her father’s orders. Kitty won’t accept it – tells Jessie she’ll try to sort it out….

Harry’s with Crabb (Ron Cook), Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) and Delphine (Polly Walker) – they’ve got to put their heads together to stem the damage that the scandal is causing them. Delphine has the idea to turn the Palm Court into Delphine’s The Club – to offer people an escape. Crabb is sceptical but Harry’s up for it.  Henri’s got another idea – the journalist Winifred Bonfils Black is in London and she’d be perfect to write a piece about the store.

Kitty talks to Frank (Samuel West) – she’s seen that Mae has left Loxley and think it could Mae’s way of telling the world that he’s to blame for the scandal. Frank must investigate it – he owes it to Harry to put it right.

Frank’s with his editor – he wants to investigate the Loxley story. JAMESON won’t budge – so Frank resigns, Kitty’s words about integrity ringing in his ears. He tries to talk to Harry on the phone but Harry won’t accept the call. Rose is with her consultant about how tired she’s been feeling. He wants to examine her more thoroughly.

Grove has summoned Miss Mardle. He gives her a telling off for conduct unbecoming outside the store this morning. He tells her she is being used, humiliated by Florian – she’s being taken for an old fool! She keeps her dignity and tells him it’s none of her concern. She walks out with her head held high but she’s desperately hurt.

Harry and Henri meet the formidable Winifred (Sara Stewart)! She’s going to look around the store and if she comes across a story, she’ll write about it. Can’t promise any more than that…she certainly doesn’t do puff pieces.

Frank talks to Lady Mae (Katherine Kelly) and they discuss how to get to the bottom of the scandal. She tells Frank she overheard Loxley blackmail Egerton months back to get a place on the procurement committee…Frank should talk to Egerton.

Henri introduces Winifred to her biggest fan, Thackery (Cal MacAninch). He secretly hopes that she writes about him…. Winifred tells Henri that her readers want to read a story that they can identify with, something or someone inspirational. Henri suggests he introduce her to Agnes Towler.

Delphine and Rose catch up – Delphine wonders if Rose is well? She seems pale. Rose tells her she’s been diagnosed with chest congestion – Delphine advises her to get out of town for a while. Harry doesn’t need anything else to worry about and it will do Rose the world of good.

Harry has sought Mae out at her hotel. Mae apologises for vouching for Loxley. Initially resistant, Harry softens when he learns that Loxley has been a violent husband. He sympathises and tells her she’s coming home to stay with he and Rose. No arguments.

Winifred is intoxicated by Agnes’ studio filled with sketches, fabrics and designs – and impressed by Agnes’ ambition and talent. Winifred recognises the close bond that exists between Henri and Agnes and is surprised that Agnes is engaged to be married. They talk about George…she tells Winifred that he’s missing in action but that she’s sure he’ll be back. Henri looks concerned.

Henri goes to Victor to talk about his concern about Agatha but he only seems to rile him. Why’s Henri interfering? The tension is palpable and we realise that this is more than just concern about Agnes – these are two men in love with the same woman. Harry introduces Miss Blenkinsop to Miss Plunkett – she’s been brought back to help with the heavy workload. She’ll look after the social diary, Miss Plunkett, business. We’re really not sure that this is going to work!

Harry and Delphine are in the Palm Court dressed as Delphine’s ahead of the opening. Harry’s pleased with what she’s done – and Delphine tries to capitalise on it. She suggests that Harry might need a female eye like hers in the store permanently. They could start working together – side by side…he won’t regret it…

Frank goes to Egerton and asks him outright if he’s been blackmailed by Loxley – Frank wants him behind bars. Egerton denies it. He gives Kitty an update – it’s going to take a few days to get some answers. Which makes Kitty see that she’ll have to sort out the Jessie situation herself.

Winifred says goodbye to Agnes – tells her she’s surprised that she’s giving up her brilliant career for marriage. Agnes stands her ground but we wonder if Winifred’s words have touched a nerve.

Mae comes to the store to tackle Delphine as she puts the finishing touches to the Palm Court. Mae tells her that she knows exactly what she’s up to – get out of town or she’ll tell Rose exactly what Delphine is up to – trying to steal her husband!

Agnes is at home – there’s a knock at the door. Is it the bad news that Agnes feared it would be? No, it’s George! He’s come home…Injured with time off to recuperate. The next morning, George eats breakfast with Agnes, Mardle and Florian. He’s in high spirits – but he’s definitely surprised that Agnes is getting married to Victor. Not what he thought her immediate future held…but he seems happy enough.

Harry, Rose and Mae at home – they get an unwelcome threatening visit from Loxley. Egerton’s obviously tipped him off. Harry squares up to him – and Loxley backs down. Loxley’s going to drag Mae through the courts … Mae and Harry vow to work with Frank to bring Loxley down. As Harry turns to go, Mae gives him a warning about Delphine – tells him not to trust her. She’s out to destroy him and Rose…

Grove tells the Heads of Department that Doris has had their fourth baby – a baby boy. Mardle looks on. Grove finds her later, she offers her best wishes but makes it clear that she doesn’t want to chat further.

Now George is back, Victor seizes the moment – he asks Agnes to marry him sooner rather than later – before George heads back to the front…the pressure is on…

Delphine’s Palm Court idea has bombed and she goes to Harry and tries to fight her corner. It’s her last ditch attempt to get Harry on side, in business and personally…will it work? Harry’s at home with Rose – the woman he loves the most in the world. She has a surprise for him – all the girls are home!


Episode 10

Sunday 23 March 2014, 9pm

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There’s an amicably rowdy dinner going on at the Selfridge house with all the family and the new houseguest, Lady Mae (Katherine Kelly), everyone seems to be in high spirits.

Florian (Oliver Farnworth) wonders what he’s done to Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) – she won’t open up to him but she knows that they have no future.  She tells him that she’s too old for him and that there is no future in their relationship. Florian tells her that he loves her and she can’t and won’t decide that for him.

Agnes (Aisling Loftus) and Victor (Trystan Gravelle) walk into work together – they’re going to tell Harry that they’re handing in their notice as they’ll be getting married very soon.  Henri’s (Gregory Fitoussi) has being given the all clear – he’s a free man.  He’s decided that he’s going to go off and fight for the French army.  Harry understands but is upset.

At the house, Lois (Kika Markham) tries to join Rose (Frances O’Connor) as she walks out for the morning – but Rose states that she has some errands to run and would rather do them alone.

Agnes and Victor hand in their joint notice to Harry – they are both leaving as soon as they are married.  Harry gives them his blessing but he keeps Agnes back for a private word.  He’s more than happy to let Agnes stay on even if she’s married. Agnes thanks him – but she wants to give everything to this venture – to marriage and the family business. Harry tells Agnes that Henri’s name is clear and is going to fight in France.

Henri goes to Victor to apologise for over-stepping the mark with his concern for Agnes.  Victor accepts the apology and hopes that Henri will return safe and well from fighting.  Henri makes it clear he won’t be coming back to Selfridges. Frank Edwards (Samuel West) comes to talk to Harry.  Frank tells Mae and Harry that they need incontrovertible proof that you did not recommend the manufacturers that Loxley (Aidan McArdle) claims Harry has.  Harry remembers the list that he gave Loxley; Mae’s convinced that Loxley will still have it.  If he does, she’s going to find it.

Rose is at the consultant’s again. He’s holding her x-ray – he doesn’t have good news for her. George (Calum Callagham) makes a visit to the store and gets a hero’s welcome.  He talks to Harry with Agnes – about war, about things that kept him and the lads going – the parcels from Agnes, reminders of home. And it gives Harry an idea…he wants Agnes to reflect what George talked about throughout the store: the comforts of home. Agnes gets to work….

Agnes, Victor, Franco and George gather at the restaurant and George witnesses Agnes trying to be enthusiastic about taking over the business.  Victor picks up on George’s unease but George just shakes it off.

Miss Mardle has taken matters into her own hands and arranged an audition for Florian at the Halle Orchestra in Manchester. Florian is not happy and makes that clear.

Agnes returns to the studio to do some more work and finds Henri packing his things to leave. They talk and Agnes has an idea before they both say good-bye forever…one last walk in the park like they used to? Agnes and Henri walk in the moonlight as they share a last conversation  – they’ll never forget each other but things have changed…Henri wishes all Agnes’ dreams come true and they go their separate ways.

Victor’s troubled – he goes to George. He’s worried about Agnes – will she be happy in the restaurant? George is put on the spot – he tries to reassure Victor but he’s not very convincing. Florian comes to the store to confront Mardle. Grove witnesses it and realises his harsh words to Mardle might have affected her happiness. He asks to see her alone. Mr Grove apologises for his harsh words and tells her that he can see that Florian loves her. Miss Mardle’s confidence has been truly rocked though – will Grove be able to persuade her to fight for him?

Lady Mae returns to her old house – she bravely goes to Loxley’s desk and starts to rifle through. Loxley catches Mae in the act. He assumes she’s looking for money. They have a heated argument and Mae escapes, warning him to keep an eye on the newspapers. Mae triumphantly gives Harry the list and tells him to go to the Lords to clear his name.  We follow Harry as he approaches the House of Lords, interrupts the Procurement Committee meeting and comes face to face with Loxley and Egerton. Harry exposes Loxley for the cad he is and declares himself proud to be nothing more than a shopkeeper.

Victor and Henri look at Agnes’ window. Victor bravely asks Henri if he’s in love with Henri – Henri admits he is and then says goodbye. He leaves for France in the morning. Victor finds Agnes – they need to talk. Will the marriage go ahead as planned?

At the store, all of Harry’s family are present. Frank arrives and slaps down a newspaper in front of Kitty. We follow him to Harry and we see the headline that Harry Selfridge has been exonerated. Harry took on the establishment and won! Harry knows he’s a store man at heart.

Kitty forgives Frank and Frank asks if they can put it all behind them. Kitty keeps her powder dry but will accept an invitation to dinner if asked. Miss Mardle returns home to find Florian – will she be in time to stop him leaving?

Rose finds Harry before the Thanksgiving dinner….they need to talk. What she’s got to tell him is going to shake the foundations of Harry’s world. And Agnes goes to see Henri for one last time.


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