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The cast also includes Russell Tovey, Stephen Mackintosh, David Bamber, Victoria Hamilton, Indira Varma, Claudie Blakley, Amber Rose Revah, Jessica Gunning and Alexander Arnold.


Episode 1
Sunday 25 August 2013, 9pm

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When Michael and Vidya move into their new flat in Coulthard Street to prepare for the arrival of their first baby, a leak dripping through the ceiling sets off a chain of events that leads them to a shocking discovery.

According to their new neighbours no one has lived in the top flat for years, but when Michael breaks in not all is as it seems. Beneath the dust the discarded shopping sits rotting on the kitchen sideboard. Realising the leak is coming from the loft, the couple stumble across a decomposed body in the eaves. Is it the resident of flat 5?

Melissa had disappeared not long after Kieron moved into the ground floor flat, newly divorced and with a teenage son who visits every Tuesday. Elaine in flat 3 hadn’t seen her since a Christmas party two years before, but when her partner Peggy fails to return home the death of her neighbour is the least of her problems. Joe, a teacher, knew Melissa the longest and her mother before her; not that he had much time for her – or any of his neighbours for that matter.

With a week left until retirement Detective Inspector Len Harper begins to question Melissa’s neighbours. Who was she and why did no one notice she’d disappeared? Len determines to uncover their secrets and refuses to let the victim disappear without trace, but when his police colleagues are reluctant to help, Len doubles his efforts.


Episode 2
Sunday 1 September 2013, 9pm

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After the shock Len encountered in Melissa’s flat, he is certain there’s more to Melissa’s death than the reluctant residents of Coulthard Street are letting on. Refusing to be scared off, Len finds himself drawn back to his on-going investigation.

Is the beautiful but controlling Elaine telling him the whole truth about her relationship with Melissa in the past? And what might she do to stop her girlfriend Peggy from leaving her again? Michael discovers a secret about his old teacher, Joe Sellers, which sparks suspicion. The two halves of Kieron’s life collide when his son and girlfriend meet and Vidya decides to get to know the neighbours better by throwing a drinks party.

As she waits for the baby’s arrival, Vidya is concerned at her new neighbours’ lack of interest in Melissa and begins to help Len piece together their relationship with the deceased. Vidya attempts to track down someone who knew Melissa outside of the house in order to learn more about her, and they uncover some information in the loft that suggests someone has been less than truthful about how well they knew Melissa. Armed with this new evidence Len turns his attention to flat 3.

Are they telling him the whole truth about their relationship with her? With contrasting reports as to her character, Len is determined to continue despite the consequences.


Episode 3
Sunday 8 September 2013, 9pm

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Melissa’s intimate relationship with a damaged neighbour is revealed as Len begins to uncover the hidden truths behind the lies. Did the fallout from this liaison play a part in her death?

Vidya and Patricia are shocked to discover an intruder has left a very clear message about Melissa. Unable to identify the mystery trespasser only encourages Patricia’s belief there’s a story to be told, despite Kieron’s feelings otherwise. Kieron attempts to bring his new family together but the pressure of the investigation leads to a bad decision that threatens any chance of rebuilding a stable family. Vidya makes contact with an old friend of Melissa’s who gives them a surprising new lead.

Joe’s suspicions continue to rise as he fears his own secret is about to be exposed and Elaine’s games take a sinister turn as Peggy struggles to retain any sense of independence.

When Len is rocked by a personal tragedy it’s up to Vidya and Patricia to follow a new lead which forces a resident to admit a difficult truth. The investigation is taking a toll on all the residents, fuelling Len to discover as much as possible before it’s too late. With so many secrets, can Len discover the truth in time and can he really cope with the tangled web he has woven?


Episode 4
Sunday 15 September 2013, 9pm

With the residents of Coulthard Street moving on and the inquest into Melissa’s death now complete, Len finds it hard to let go. With time ticking he determines to uncover the truth even if no one else will, unable to allow Melissa’s death to go unnoticed as she did in life.

Michael struggles to keep his affair secret as Liz seems determined to expose their relationship to Vidya. When the pair are discovered Michael finally wreaks his revenge on his old teacher, but his efforts will change his life forever and hurt the person he cares about most. Joe explains his feelings towards Melissa, and Elaine’s efforts to control Peggy increase to dangerous levels. Fearing discovery, one of the residents makes a shock confession.

With the truth out, Len can’t but help doubt the outcome and goes to extreme lengths to solve the case before it’s too late, risking the fact of his own deception being revealed. When he stumbles across the hidden past of one of the residents he must appeal to his former colleagues to help make an arrest.

Quickly the secrets the residents have worked hard to conceal begin to unravel putting another neighbour in danger. Has Len finally solved his last case or is there one more secret to come out? Most importantly, who really murdered Melissa Young?


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