‘The Walking Dead’: Season 2 Episode 6 teasers

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Starring Andrew Lincoln (Teachers) and Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), the second season of post-apocalyptic thriller The Walking Dead continues.


In the next instalment, Shane and Andrea search a deserted housing development for any trace of Sophia while Glenn and Maggie make another, equally risky trip to the drugstore. Back at the Greene Farm, Hershel’s feelings about his guests’ presence on his property become clear and Carl makes a shocking admission to his parents.

Secrets airs at 9/8c on Sunday 20th November on AMC in the US and at 10pm on Friday 25th November on FX in the UK. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode…

» ‘Come on, man, don’t give me that gangster shit.’

» ‘You shoot me again, you better pray I’m dead.’

» ‘Glenn, stop being dramatic and spit it out.’

» ‘The world went to shit and you thought I was dead.’

» ‘My wife and stepson are in that barn. They’re people.’

» ‘I can be pissed off, I can be whistling Dixie, but I still hit the target.’

» ‘Memories are what keep me going – memories of what life used to be.’

» ‘If Sophia got this far, she’s got a real shot, don’t you think?’

» ‘You’re walker-bait! I can’t take you becoming one of them.’

» ‘You think the group would be better off without me?

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