S Club 7 star Jon Lee’s TV choices

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Former S Club 7 star Jon Lee is currently starring as Frankie Valli in the London production of hit musical Jersey Boys.

Playing at the Prince Edward Theatre, Jersey Boys is the true life story of Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons. Featuring the band’s hits like ‘Beggin”, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ and ‘Oh What A Night’, discover how four New Jersey boys from the wrong side of the tracks invented their own unique sound, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and sold 100 million records worldwide.

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We caught up with Jon to find out what he likes to watch to relax between performances…

Favourite TV show to cheer you up:

Family Guy always makes my laugh; it’s so wrong, but so funny. I quite like American Dad too, they’re both brilliantly un-PC!”

Favourite TV show to watch before going to sleep:

“I got all the boxsets of Nip/Tuck a while ago and that sort of became my ‘watching-in-bed-while-trying-to-fall-asleep show’. The first three seasons were amazing, but then it got a little bit silly so stopped watching it.”

TV show that most reminds you of your childhood:

“I loved the cartoon Dungeons And Dragons! I actually managed to find it on DVD, it’s still so cool. Will definitely be educating my nephews with it when they get a little older.”

Favourite “guilty pleasure” TV show:

Absolutely Fabulous… without a doubt. I probably know every word to every episode. When I lived in America I think I had it on repeat for nearly a year. It reminded me of home and still makes me laugh so much.”

TV show that you find most addictive:

“Whenever I stay at my best mate’s house, it’s kind of a tradition now that we have a bottle of wine, a good old catch up, then watch Sex And The City. It’s impossible to only watch one episode though and I’ve woken up many times on the sofa with it still playing (nothing to do with the wine of course!).”

Axed TV show that you most wish would return:

“I loved the show Dirty Sexy Money. Thought it was really clever, funny and had an amazing cast. Then after two seasons it just stopped and didn’t really finish the story! Bring it back! I need to know what happened!”

Favourite TV show to watch hungover:

Will And Grace. I was watching some the other day, I’d forgotten how funny it is. It’s just really easy to watch, you don’t have to think too hard (thank God) and it doesn’t matter if you miss a few episodes.”