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‘Parks and Recreation’: Season 3 DVD review

Parks and Recreation is a genuine contender for the title of ‘Best Sitcom on Television’. The contents of this boxset were originally broadcast in the US in 2011, while only the first two seasons have seen UK broadcast on BBC Four and a Region 2 DVD release. Like all the best boxsets, it’s remarkable easy to select ‘Play All’ and find yourself watching the whole disc for several hours.

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‘Monsters University’ movie review

A prequel of diminished returns, Monsters University is a good but not great film that packs plenty of laughs into a familiar narrative. It’s a strong enough film of its kind, but there’s still a nagging feeling that it should be something more imaginative, something where you can’t sit back and say with certainty ‘It’s like these films.’

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‘The Bling Ring’ movie review

Sofia Coppola nailed the “People in Brown Rooms, Mumbling” sub-genre on her first go with Lost in Translation. Here she nails the precedented mash-up of My Super Sweet Sixteen and Grand Theft Auto.

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