5 awesome ‘The Hobbit’ blind designs

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The much-anticipated final film in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies, arrives in UK cinemas today.

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The Tolkien fans over at Made to Measure Blinds decided to celebrate by creating blind banner designs for each of the titular five armies – the perfect thing to keep the light off the TV when you’re having a nine-hour Lord of the Rings marathon!

The blinds are spoiler-free. (Well, we never thought we’d write that.)

They commented: “We hope you enjoy the designs! When it is all over we will certainly be shedding a tear, though we mainly just hope that Azog and Bolg get their comeuppance!”


Iron Hills


Leader: Dain II

Race: Dwarves




Leader: Bard the Bowman

Race: Men




Leader: Thranduil

Race: Elves


Lonely Mountain


Leader: Thorin II Oakenshield

Race: Dwarves


Misty Mountains


Leader: Bolg

Race: Goblins, Wargs, Bats


> Visit the Made to Measure Blinds website here.

Which blind is your favourite? Let us know below…