‘Cucumber’ characters guide: Who’s who?

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Queer as Folk writer Russell T Davies returns to Channel 4 with Cucumber, a new drama series exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life.

Find out who’s who with our guide to Cucumber‘s main characters…


Henry (Vincent Franklin)

Cucumber Henry

If something can go wrong, Henry will make sure that it does. He should be happy and settled, but he can’t stop pushing and needling and testing the world. And as his secrets emerge, he’s in danger of destroying everything he loves.


Lance (Cyril Nri)

Cucumber Cyril Nri

Lance is everything that Henry needs – he’s calm, patient, and wise. In fact, some people call him a saint. But saints can be ruthless, and when pushed too far, Lance is about to reveal a whole new side to himself.


Cleo (Julie Hesmondhalgh)

Cucumber 1 1 Julie Hesmondhalgh

Cleo’s busy enough, with a job and three kids, but coping with her brother, Henry, takes up most of her time. But as Henry’s life begins to change, Cleo realises she has changes to make too.


Freddie (Freddie Fox)

Cucumber Freddie Fox

Freddie’s 25, a little lost in life after getting thrown out of university. But he’s handsome and sharp and clever enough to coast through the world, happy to sleep with men, or women, or both. But even Freddie can’t run forever.


Dean (Fisayo Akinade)

Banana 1 Fisayo Akinade Dean

Dean’s 19, funny, fast, frantic, a great mate to his friends, a terrible lover to his fellas. He’s always in debt and too busy having fun to settle down. But one day soon, he’ll have to face the inevitable and go back home.


Daniel (James Murray)

Cucumber 1 1 James Murray

Daniel’s new to Manchester – a diver at the Aquarium where Lance works. Daniel’s recently divorced, and as straight as they come. And yet, Lance thinks he seems to be sending out some odd signals…


Adam (Ceallach Spellman)

Cucumber Adam

Cleo’s 15-year-old son, Adam’s becoming famous in his own right as a successful vlogger. With his best mate Beanie and classmate Tomasz, he sets out to show his Uncle Henry some unusual ways to make money.


Cliff (Con O’Neill)

Cucumber Cliff Henry

Cliff’s hit middle-age magnificently – drunk, shambolic, chasing after boys half his age, and proud of it. He’s both Henry’s best friend and his greatest tormentor.


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