‘Monroe’: Meet the characters

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Coming to ITV1 in March, Monroe is a new medical drama series from writer Peter Bowker (Occupation, Desperate Romantics), starring James Nesbitt as the titular neurosurgeon.

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The six-part series explores Monroe’s world both inside and outside the hospital, as medical emergencies cut across the lives of everyone involved from staff to patients and relatives.

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Gabriel Monroe
(played by James Nesbitt)
Monroe is a brilliant and unusual neurosurgeon. He’s funny, charming and chaotic, with more than a hint of ego – a flawed genius who never lets anyone forget his flaws or his genius.

Jenny Bremner
(played by Sarah Parish)

Bremner is a glacial heart surgeon engaged in a bitter and funny personality clash with Monroe. Direct with her patients and terrifying to her trainees, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Lawrence Shepherd
(played by Tom Riley)

Monroe’s anaesthetist Shepherd is also his best friend. His hapless love life provides a constant source of amusement for Monroe, but Shepherd is determined to keep his new relationship a secret.

Sally Fortune
(played by Manjinder Virk)

Fortune has made it through her training to become Monroe’s trusted registrar. Coming from a long line of doctors, she is not afraid to stand up for herself in the male-dominated world of neurosurgery.

Daniel Springer
(played by Luke Allen-Gale
Fresh faced and eager to impress, Springer is the most over-enthusiastic trainee Monroe has ever had. He is determined to prove that he is cut out for neurosurgery, but Monroe has other ideas.

Kitty Wilson
(played by Michelle Asante
Monroe’s trainee Wilson is easily underestimated. Shy and weak stomached, she initially struggles to make it through the operations, but Monroe sees potential in Wilson and takes her under his wing.

Andrew Mullery
(played by Andrew Gower)

Mullery is an unlikely cardio trainee. Shambling and awkward, he seems slightly lost in the competitive world of surgery, but his sudden flashes of brilliance suggest that he might have a few surprises in store.

Sarah Witney
(played by Christina Chong)

Witney is a smart and ruthlessly ambitious trainee whose mission in life is to show Bremner that she is the best. She will do whatever it takes to become a brilliant heart surgeon.

Lee Bradley
(played by Thomas Morrison)

Hospital porter, unofficial bookie, poker enthusiast and lover of greyhounds – Bradley is a man of many talents, who regularly baffles Monroe and Shepherd with his eccentric philosophy on life.

Anna Monroe
(played by Susan Lynch)

Monroe’s wife Anna shares his dry sense of humour and respects his dedication to his work. However, after twenty-two years of marriage, the cracks in their relationship are starting to show.