Top 5 ‘Flight of the Conchords’ songs

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For fans of The Mighty Boosh, Flight of the Conchords was a comedy godsend. What it lacked in polo-heavy props, the HBO series – created by two of silliest, most wonderful men in New Zealand, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement – makes up for in delightfully bonkers humour. And, much like the eccentric adventures of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, the programme’s madcap musical numbers are half the fun.

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Here we count down five of the finest Conchords songs…

5. Foux Du Fafa

A bilingual boast is undoubtedly a sure-fire way to impress, but it should definitely be approached with caution.

In an attempt to court a couple of coffee shop assistants, the intrepid pair embark upon a funky French adventure, stunning the ladies with their lush vocabulary. That is, until they run out of phrases. This song, which summarises accurately many of our shabby, incomplete recollections of secondary school and phrasebook French, will raise a smile without fail.

4. Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)

Literary and musical history is smattered with improbable representations of romance; the minute someone intriguing catches your eye, you realise that the gooey novels skim over the awkward and ordinary. It’s nice, then, to see Jemaine taking a realistic approach in his quest to find a suitable woman.

When he spots a lovely looking lady at a party, he begins to serenade her in his own special way. She’s gorgeous, absolutely, but probably not the most attractive female in the entire world. That’s a bit ambitious. And, Jemaine realises, it’s lucky to be attending the same party as such a looker, and he’d quite like to buy her a kebab.

3. Business Time

When it comes to a spot of light daydreaming, Jemaine allows his musing on romance to become a little more fanciful. Sort of. As he ponders entering a new relationship with the aforementioned charming female, he guesses what wonders could await them should they ever betroth.

His imaginings of martial banal boredom are brilliantly daft. Post-wedding bedroom antics, Jemaine reckons, will be a planned, timed arrangement involving stained t-shirts and alluring tooth-brushing. Poor bloke, he’s not even past the first date and already he’s considering the concept of business socks.

2. If You’re Into It

Ever the romantic, Bret is having a little trouble writing a song for new girlfriend Coco (Sutton Foster) that doesn’t last for hours or make impractical promises. Solving the hardest puzzle or walking along the longest path simply to be with someone is certainly easier said than done. Luckily, Jemaine offers to lend a hand.

The resulting ditty is equal parts hilarious and adorable. Following his flatmate’s advice, Bret tells his leading lady all the practical things he is prepared to do for her. With Jemaine’s baritone input and a tiny toy piano on board, such a lavish litany of love could hardly fail to woo.

1. Hurt Feelings

When a potentially insulting song means Bret is forced to form a gang to protect himself from disheartened rappers, band manager Murray (the marvellous Rhys Darby) asks the boys to consider the impact of their actions and how they might affect others.

After some thought, they remember occasions when their emotions have been compromised. It is, they realise, a tough life for a rapper. You might spend an age perfecting profiteroles for your buddies, only to receive not a word of gratitude in return, or get ditched by the very same so-called companions at the last minute. As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with some people mistakenly assuming that you are not, in fact, a rapper.

It doesn’t end there, either. Sometimes, your mum calls you the day after your birthday. And, most brutal of all minor emotional traumas: the day the shop assistant suggests a ladies’ wetsuit might be more suitable for your petite frame. The audacity!

Hurt Feelings is a comic gem and, arguably, the best Flight of the Conchords tune of the lot.

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What’s your favourite Flight of the Conchords song? Let us know below…