‘Sherlock’ (2010-2017): A eulogy

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There’s no denying that Sherlock was a juggernaut of a show.

It changed the way we experienced TV with its slick on screen text display, surreal imagery and its lovable yet flawed characters.

With ‘The Final Problem’ all wrapped up, the fandom is now divided. Some want another season while others are happy with the ending.  But let’s take a closer look at Moftiss’ decision to wrap up the show.

Here’s why we’re fine with it being over for good:

– There are no more secrets. No more hidden mysteries to torture Sherlock. Mrs Hudson’s past is established. We’ve solved the mystery of Redbeard, Moriarty and ‘the other one’.

– Too much of a good thing can kill it. Let’s look across the pond at certain shows that are clocking up their 12th season. Shows don’t need to run that long. Moffat and Gatiss set out to tell an extended origin story. We had the set up, the arc, character development, quite a few conflicts and finally a whole heap of (admittedly bonkers) resolutions. Where else can they go with now?

– The actors are too busy. With Benedict and Martin signing their souls to Marvel, they simply won’t have time to reprise these roles. They’ve had fun exploring and playing their characters, but now it is time to move on professionally.

– The fandom endures. All the canon has been laid out for the fandom to pick and choose how they want the next adventures to play out in their fanfiction. It’s their turn to tell the stories.

– There’s something to be said about the UK’s trend of short run series – it works! The audience never tires of the characters, the writers never run out of ideas and the energy never leaks out of the show season by season until they’re flogging a dead horse.

But then, fans are now the power houses that can keep a show going long past its sell by date. And this power can be wielded with great irresponsibility.

But let’s say the great Moftiss do eventually grant us further seasons; what could we possibly expect to see?

– Sherlock babysitting Rosie. A full episode of Sherlock solving a crime with Rosie in one of those baby carrier harnesses attached to his chest.

– Widowed John attempting to date in the future.

– More Molly Hooper! We need more scenes between Molly and Sherlock.

– More bad guys! Can we imagine anyone more evil than Moriarty? Or more entertaining?

– What happened to Irene Adler?

I for one, am happy with the way the show ended and that it did, in fact, end. If we recall our Conan-Doyle canon, Sherlock ends up killing himself by OD’ing out of boredom as no other criminal could match him the way Moriarty did. At least we got the happy ending!

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