How real are gambling movies?

The age-old debate: are movies generally fictional, or is there some truth to them? While most people who ask this question focus on movies based on books or movies based on historical events, there is a need to look at whether movies based on gambling are accurate. I say this because most people’s first encounter … >

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Russell T. Davies

Revisiting Russell T. Davies’ tenure as Doctor Who showrunner

When Doctor Who returned in 2005, the roles of Script Editor and Producer had changed. The Script Editor was no longer a creative role, and was now about storytelling logic, continuity and liaising between writers and the production team. The Show Runner (who was also an Executive Producer) was the main creative force, commissioning stories, … >

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Doctor Who, Twitch, and why are we surprised younger viewers love classic Who?

There is a theory in the Philosophy of Science called the ‘Pessimistic Meta-Induction Argument’. Simplified, it states ‘Well, we’ve been wrong before, so we’ll probably be wrong again’. In related news, you cannot accurately predict how people will react when viewing pre-1989 Doctor Who stories for the first time. One person’s treasure is another person’s … >

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“Ce n’est pas plane pour moi” – Eric Saward as Doctor Who Script Editor

After Christopher H. Bidmead left Doctor Who, Anthony Root took the role on for three months in a trainee capacity. He developed scripts that Bidmead had commissioned, including one by Eric Saward. In the meantime, Root took on another three month contract for Juliet Bravo. Having impressed the outgoing Script Editor with The Visitation, Saward … >

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Doctor Who

When Christopher H Bidmead was Doctor Who script editor

Christopher Hamilton Bidmead became script editor of Doctor Who in late 1979, brought onboard by new Producer John Nathan-Turner. Bidmead had been an actor, scriptwriter and journalist, and was recommended to JNT by Robert Banks-Stewart (who had written for the show in the mid-Seventies). He inherited a situation where JNT and Executive Producer Barry Letts … >

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