‘Doctor Who’: Best companions that never were

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In anticipation of the casting announcement for the new Doctor Who companion, CultBox asked you to vote for which of the Doctor’s previous allies you’d most like to see return as a companion.

Here’s the top fifteen characters you want to come back to help the Doctor…

#15: Rosita Farisi (Velile Tshabalala)
Previously seen in: ‘The Next Doctor’
Rescued from a Cyberman by a man calling himself The Doctor, Rosita became the man’s companion. When the real Doctor turned up, Rosita proved herself to be a useful ally to both men. With London saved from the evil Miss Hartigan, she stayed in the 1850s as a nursemaid for Jackson’s son.

#14: Joan Redfern (Jessica Hynes)
Previously seen in: ‘Human Nature’, ‘The Family Of Blood’
A nurse at Farringham School For Boys, widow Joan Redfern fell in love with a new teacher, John Smith, who happened to be the Doctor – not that he knew it though. As the village came under attack from the Family of Blood, Martha tried to persuade John Smith that he was a Time Lord. With his memory restored, the Doctor hoped to recapture his relationship with Joan, but she asked him to leave.

#13: Elton Pope (Marc Warren)
Previously seen in: ‘Love And Monsters’
Electric Light Orchestra fan Elton Pope had encountered the Doctor several times in his life, before co-founding a group named LINDA to study the Doctor’s adventures. As the only survivors of the Abzorbaloff’s infiltration of the group, Elton and Ursula Blake became a couple, even though she had been transformed into a slab of concrete.

#12: Tish Jones (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)
Previously seen in: ‘Smith And Jones’, ‘The Lazarus Experiment’, ‘The Sound Of Drums’, ‘Last Of The Time Lords’, ‘Turn Left’
Older sister of Martha Jones and cousin of the late Adeola Oshodi, Tish became the head of PR for mad scientist Richard Lazarus and was saved by Martha and the Doctor after he turned into a monster and tried to kill her. She later got a job working for Harold Saxon when he became Prime Minister, ending up as a slave for a year with the rest of her family on the Valiant.

#11: Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri)
Previously seen in: ‘Rose’, ‘The End Of The World’, ‘Aliens Of London’, ‘World War Three’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘The Parting Of The Ways’, ‘The Christmas Invasion’, ‘New Earth’, ‘Rise Of The Cybermen’, ‘The Age Of Steel’, ‘Love & Monsters’, ‘Army Of Ghosts’, ‘Doomsday’, ‘Journey’s End’
Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler brought up Rose on her own in a council flat on the Powell Estate after her husband Pete died in 1987. Jackie was initally furious with the Doctor after her daughter disappeared with him for 12 months with no contact, but grew to accept him in Rose’s life and even helped him on several occasions.

#10: Jackson Lake (David Morrissey)
Previously seen in: ‘The Next Doctor’
After the Cybermen killed his wife Caroline and abducted his young son Frederic in December 1851, mathemetics teacher Jackson Lake had his mind wiped by an Infostamp and became convinced that he was the Doctor and that it was his duty to defend London against the Cybermen. With his own Tardis (a hot air balloon), Jackson and the real Doctor defeated Miss Hartigan and the Cyber King, as Jackson’s true memories returned to him.

#9: Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke)
Previously seen in: ‘Rose’, ‘The End Of The World’, ‘Aliens Of London’, ‘World War Three’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Boom Town’, ‘The Parting Of The Ways’, ‘The Christmas Invasion’, ‘New Earth’, ‘School Reunion’, ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’, ‘Rise Of The Cybermen’, ‘The Age Of Steel’, ‘Army Of Ghosts’, ‘Doomsday’, ‘Journey’s End’
The Doctor was initially dismissive of Rose’s on/off boyfriend Mickey, frequently referring to him as “Ricky” and “Mickey the Idiot”. As he helped out on many occasions, the Doctor eventually warmed to him and Mickey even joined Rose on the Tardis. After defeating the Cybermen on a parallel Earth, Mickey stayed to care for his grandmother. later returning to his original universe when the Cybermen began to cross the Void.

#8: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen)
Previously seen in: ‘School Reunion’, ‘Journey’s End’
Originally a journalist in the 1970s, Sarah Jane Smith was a companion with the third and then fourth incarnations of the Doctor. Sarah Jane was briefly reuinited with the Doctor while investigating Deffry Vale High School and later helped defend Earth from Davros and the Daleks. Sarah Jane now lives in Ealing with her adopted son Luke, fighting aliens with Luke’s young friends.

#7: Reinette, Madame De Pompadour (Sophia Myles)
Previously seen in: ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’
Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson was a well-known courtesan and the famous mistress of King Louis XV of France, who met the Doctor several times during her life. Reinette is invited to join the Doctor on his travels, but due to time differential she dies before she is able to do so.

#6: Lady Christina De Souza (Michelle Ryan)
Previously seen in: ‘Planet Of The Dead’
A notorious thief, Christina met the Doctor on a bus while escaping from the police after robbing London’s International Gallery. After the bus is caught in a wormhole and ends up on an alien planet, aristocrat Christina leads the passengers with the Doctor as they try to figure out who to return to Earth. She was last seen flying the bus into the London night sky.

#5: Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)
Previously seen in: ‘The Empty Child’, ‘The Doctor Dances’, ‘Boom Town’, ‘Bad Wolf’, ‘The Parting Of The Ways’, ‘Utopia’, ‘The Sound Of Drums, ‘Last Of The Time Lords’, ‘The Stolen Earth’, ‘Journey’s End’
A con man from the 51st century, Jack met the Doctor during the London Blitz in 1941 after he rescued Rose Tyler. He was later abandoned on Satellite 5, now immortal, and eventually ended up heading Torchwood 3 in modern-day Cardiff. It has been hinted that Jack may become the Face of Boe in his distant future.

#4: River Song (Alex Kingston)
Previously seen in: ‘Silence In The Library’, ‘Forest Of The Dead’
The Doctor first meets River Song, a 51st-century archeology professor, in the universe’s greatest library. It is soonn apparent that she knows the Doctor, although he has no idea who she is. Before she dies, using her brain as a memory buffer for The Library’s data core, she whispers the Doctor’s real name in his ear – proof that one day he will trust her completely.

#3: Jenny (Georgia Moffett)
Previously seen in: ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’
Created from a tissue sample, Jenny (named by Donna) emerged from a progenation machine as fully grown adult human – albeit with Time World biology, including two hearts. The Doctor takes time to warm to her, but is distraught when she is shot and apparently dies in his arms. Unbeknownst to him, she later revives and takes off into the unknown in a stolen rocketship to explore, like her father.

#2: Wilf Mott (Bernard Cribbins)
Previously seen in: ‘Voyage Of The Damned’, ‘Voyage of the Damned’, ‘Partners In Crime, ‘The Sontaran Stratagem’, ‘The Poison Sky’, ‘Turn Left’, ‘The Stolen Earth’, ‘Journey’s End’
Wilf first met The Doctor with Astrid after they teleported down to Earth from the Titanic. An amateur astronomer, Wilf waved Donna off as she and the Doctor flew by his allotment. Wilf then nearly choked to death in his car when the Sontaran’s ATMOS devices activate, saved by his axe-wielding daughter Sylvia. Wilf was last seen promising the Doctor that he’ll take care of Donna after her memory was wiped.

#1: Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan)
Previously seen in: ‘Blink’
While exploring Wester Drumlns in 2007, Sally found a message to her from the Doctor in 1969. When her friend Kathy disappears, a young man claiming to be Kathy’s grandson delivers a letter to Sally. With help from a DVD featuring half a conversation with the Doctor, Sally was then able to trap the Weeping Angels.

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