Doctor Who showrunner: unresolved mysteries create fillable gaps

In an interview with SFX Magazine, Russell T Davies explained his rationale for leaving some Doctor Who plot mysteries unresolved and unexplained. According to Davies, the reason why characters break the fourth wall to talk to or wink at the audience is contained in a scene which never made it to the screen in an … >

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Doctor Who Season 25 The Collection

Doctor Who Season 25: The Collection Blu-ray range announced

Sylvester McCoy’s penultimate season as the Seventh Doctor is the next release in the Doctor Who Blu-ray collection. A special trailer containing archive footage from Season 25 and special features from the release was released to mark the announcement. The stories also feature Sophie Aldred who plays iconic 80s companion, Ace, who joins the Doctor … >

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Five-part Doctor Who spin-off now in pre-production

The long-rumoured Doctor Who spin-off, The War Between the Land and the Sea, has received a credit on a line producer’s CV. The War Between the Land and the Sea is listed on the CV of line producer Carolyn Parry-Jones as a five-part fantasy drama of one-hour episodes to be filmed by Doctor Who 2024 … >

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Doctor Who – The Stuff of Legend – Big Finish live on stage

The audio drama company announce a live Doctor Who drama, starring Paul McGann and India Fisher. Audio drama producers Big Finish have been making Doctor Who stories for 25 years. With members of the original cast, they’ve celebrated the series and reached into hitherto unexplored corners of the Whoniverse. As part of their ongoing celebrations, … >

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Season 1 (2024 series) Doctor Who DVD and Blu-ray artwork and details announced

New artwork and details about the August release of the limited edition steelbook, DVD or Blu-ray Doctor Who Season 1 (the 2024 series with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson) are revealed. The discs are formatted for the UK region. This new release features seven discs of content, a huge amount of special features, all episodes … >

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The Fourth Doctor Adventures Metamorphosis cover art crop

The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Metamorphosis – audio boxset review

Harry Sullivan and Naomi Cross enjoy three more adventures with the Tom Baker’s Doctor.  Flexing the format a little, the latest Fourth Doctor audio boxset contains three 2-part adventures. The first brings the Doctor face to face with the Toymaker, albeit in a new different form. The second is a fantastical affair – a celebrity … >

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Doctor Who: Empire of Death - the Fifteenth Doctor looks at a spoon

A spoon once again becomes pivotal in Doctor Who lore

For the 2024 Doctor Who series finale episode, Empire of Death, Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies teased on the official Doctor Who podcast, “Far away on a distant planet, a kind woman is waiting with something absolutely vital.” Who could have guessed it was something as simple as a spoon? After most of the … >

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