‘Spooks’: Which generation of characters is your favourite?

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With the tenth and final series of Spooks coming to BBC One later this month, CultBox asked you to tell us your favourite set of characters from the past nine years of the spy drama.

Here’s how you all voted…

#1: Adam, Ros, Zaf, Jo (21.3%)
#2: Ros, Lucas, Jo, Ben, Connie (19.6%)
#3: Lucas, Ros, Jo, Tariq (13%)
#4: Tom, Danny, Zoe, Helen (10.4%)
#5: Adam, Ros, Jo, Ben, Connie (10%)
#6: Tom, Danny, Zoe, Christine, Sam (9.3%)
#7: Adam, Fiona, Zaf, Jo (7%)
#8: Danny, Zoe, Sam, Adam, Fiona (5.7%)
#9: Lucas, Beth, Dimitri, Tariq (3.6%)

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