7 new US TV shows we’re excited about in 2016

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From DC’s latest Arrow spin-off Legends of Tomorrow to Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, 2016 is shaping up to be another year of great TV.

Here are some of our top picks…



Directed by Jonathan Nolan and starring Ben Barnes, Clifton Collins Jr., Ingrid Bolso Berdal and Ed Harris, Westworld is about a futuristic theme park that has many artificial beings. It’s inspired by the 1973 film directed by Michael Crichton.


American Gods

Shadow has a past, but he does not want to live the same life anymore. He wishes to live a quiet life with his wife. But she’s been killed in an accident. Shadow flies home for the funeral. On the flight, he is greeted by a man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday. The worst part is that he knows much more about Shadow than is possible. Written by Harper Torch, this mystery series should keep everyone interested.



Set shortly, this series centers on a family that is headed by Callies and Holloway. The series is about how Holloway and Callies make difficult decisions to survive. They live in L.A. where a force of outside intruders has occupied the place. Some people have collaborated with the authorities while those who have rebels have suffered the consequences.


Queen of the South

This series is about Teresa, who flees Mexico after the murder of her drug-runner boyfriend. She settles in Spain and tries to become Spain’s reigning drug smuggler with the sole purpose of avenging her lover’s murder. Alice Braga plays Teresa Medoza in the series.


Legends of Tomorrow

We have superheroes, but there are times when heroes are not enough; we need legends. Rip Hunter, a time-traveling rogue, tries to assemble a group of heroes and villains. The goal of the team is to confront an unstoppable event. We have a ragtag team on one hand and an immortal threat on the other hand.



If you love horror tv series, wait for this one because the story is about a young man who is searching for answers to the problems he has faced from supernatural possessions.



Set out on a mission a preacher aims to makes the Almighty confess his sin. According to the preacher, the Almighty has abandoned the world and should confess the same.


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Which upcoming TV show are you most excited about? Let us know below…

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