2016 blockbuster preview

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If 2015 was a year of blockbusting franchise-driven success for the mjaor studios, particularly Universal who had two films in the top six of highest grossing titles ever, then 2016 looks like being more of the same.

There are also re-workings of old favourites, and an animated title to excite those who loved Finding Nemo back in 2003.

There’s no doubt successful franchises continue to be highly popular with film studios; they have a known audience and usually come with considerable merchandising tie-ins. The huge success of Marvel Studios with its Avengers series looks set to continue, and its erstwhile comic book rivals DC are about to lock horns with a huge release of their own in 2016.

Here are five big films we’re excited about in 2016…


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A hugely important film for DC and its parent Warner Bros; this marks the beginning in earnest of its bid to go toe-to-toe with super-successful rivals Marvel Studios.

Along with pitting its two biggest superheroes against each other, it will introduce other characters who DC hope will achieve their own success in films featuring them as the central interest. So be ready to meet Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Lex Luthor and possibly The Flash.


Captain America: Civil War

Another release from Disney-owned Marvel Studios, this could be another huge hit, featuring Spider-Man and the Black Panther among others. Many film industry eyes will be on this release to see if Marvel’s crown slips a little with the release of DC’s huge Batman/Superman blockbuster.

Marvel’s sustained success contributes to the Walt Disney Company’s “strong financial firepower” according to share trading experts IG – with films such as this appealing to fans and investors alike.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

A slow year for Warner Bros in 2015 – with its previous ‘golden goose’ franchises all coming to an end – could change in 2016 with this prequel to the mega successful Harry Potter series that grossed a total of $7.7 billion at the box office.

Some industry pundits say this new release could eclipse the Marvel and DC offerings to be the biggest film of the year. Whether that’s true remains to be seen. What’s certain, though, is that it has the power to be a major player in the charts next year.


The Jungle Book

Some traditionalists may prefer to stick with the original animated version, but this remake is tipped to be one of the great visual treats according to those who have seen Disney’s taster footage.

While using the very latest and best in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), The Jungle Book stays close to the ethos of the original with wonderful characters and depth of emotion.


Independence Day: Resurgence

With one old franchise resurrected in 2015 very effectively with the huge success of Jurassic World, it’s time to return to the title that famously offered spectacular obliterations of whole cities and famous landmarks such as the White House back in the mid ’90s.

The original was a massive success – grossing well over $850 million even in 1996 – so if the interest in Jurassic Park is anything to go by then Independence Day: Resurgence should have those box office tills buzzing.


Many more…

Two films based on successful games – namely Angry Birds and World of Warcraft – are due as is Finding Dory, an animated title tipped to eclipse 2015’s Minions and maybe rival Frozen in the animated film stakes.

2016 is going to be another year of the blockbuster and billions of dollars hitting the movie makers’ coffers. Get the popcorn in now, it’s going to be busy.


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