‘Him & Her’: Series 2 preview

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It was somewhere between Becky snapping the shatterproof ruler and Steve publically urinating that I knew I’d enjoy the first series of BBC Three’s Him & Her.

The first series was a huge success, becoming the channel’s “most successful ever sitcom”, though it really isn’t difficult to work out why when you sit down and think about it. Slapstick jokes are one thing, but the key ingredient of any TV comedy, hell any show in general really, is the element of realism that is coupled with the fictional events; Him & Her is composed of realism.

I’m incredibly pleased to say that the second series of this unique show has retained every aspect of the social commentary that was present in Series 1; full to the brim with painfully awkward moments and equally blunt dialogue that pulls no punches whilst remaining as entertaining as always.

We begin a short while after the first series finished, where Becky, played by the beautiful Sarah Solemani, has moved into Steve’s flat. Russell Tovey, who plays Steve to perfection, mentioned at the recent press launch how the dynamic is different between them now; “They live together, Becky can’t simply go home if there’s a problem as this is home”.

New characters are also set to make appearances throughout the series, such as Julie Taylor (Katie Lyons), a woman who “looks like a famous actress”, is “gorgeous”, “works in Superdrug” and just happens to be Steve’s ex girlfriend…  but surely that’s not enough to make Becky jealous?

We’re also treated to the return of Becky’s slightly disapproving parents Jill and Nigel (Marion Bailey and Ralph Brown) and Steve’s babying mother Janet (Joanna Bacon) as they meet for the first time at Steve’s ‘gourmet’ dinner party.

When asked about his planning of the second series, the show’s creator, Stefan Golaszewski, told us that he hadn’t planned too far ahead as he didn’t think Him & Her would be brought back for another series. However, he’s more than pleased with how it’s turned out. On Russell and Sarah, he commented: “They bring these characters to life and show them for what they really are supposed to be.”

I for one am incredibly excited about the new series. Having seen the first, excruciatingly cringe-worthy episode, I can guarantee it hasn’t lost any of its charm; in fact, even more accurate and honest than before.

Series 2 Episode 1 airs at 10.30pm on Tuesday 1st November 2011 on BBC Three.

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