What’s in the box?

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A mysterious, very nicely-made, black box arrived in the post this morning. We’ve not opened it yet, for fear of Frank Langella turning up to tell us that there’s a button inside it and if we push it he’ll give us one million dollars, but someone in the world will die. (That will probably make no sense unless you’re one of the ten people who watched Cameron Diaz’s The Box.)

We asked you to send in your guesses about the box’s contents and our favourite came from none other than Bedlam writer Neil Jones, who suggested that “inside the box is another little CultBox office, where a tiny mysterious box has just arrived”…

In a slight anticlimax, it turned out to just contain a set of dice to promote The Defenders, a new CBC dramedy (we really hate that word) starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell as two hard-charging Las Vegas attorneys.

The show premieres in the UK at 10pm on 8th April on FX.

Watch the show’s trailer…