The CultBox Podcast Roundup – December 2021

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Welcome to the CultBox Podcast roundup for December 2021

Our favourites this month have included, in no particular order…

Full Disclosure with James O’Brien S2, Ep74 – Johnny Vaughan

James O’Brien talks to fellow radio show host Johnny Vaughan about his life before becoming a presenter. With nothing to sell and apparently never having opened up in such a fashion before, it’s a fascinating insight into the erudite Vaughan, via public schools, unlikely friendships and a brush with the law.

Short History Of…

Paul McGann’s bite-sized history lessons continue with Noiser PodcastsShort History Of…  This month, the topics have included The Roman Republic, The Christmas Truce and Ernest Shackleton.

The Two Shot Podcast #165 – Iwan Rheon

The Two Shot Podcast logo

The engaging Craig Parkinson, when he’s not creeping us out as Doctor Who‘s villainous Grand Serpent, is a genial podcast host. His conversation with Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon elves, music and the genre of romantic comedy (the actor is in new romcom A Christmas Number One).

Rheon also popped up on That Gaby Roslin Podcast too and can still be heard in Howl’s Moving Castle until early January.

This month, Craig has also talked to Endeavour star Shaun Evans and writer/producer Kayleigh Llewellyn (In My Skin, Chloe, Killing Eve).

Full Disclosure with James O’Brien S2, Ep72 – Bill Bailey

It’s a double-whammy for us with James O’Brien this month, thanks to his fascinating chat with comic Bill Bailey.

The chat takes us from an idyllic Somerset childhood. thought musical aspirations to his arrival as a stand-up comedian. With a discussion of his work ethic, installed by his GP father, it takes us all the way up to his 2020 win of Strictly Come Dancing.

Film Stories with Simon Brew

In December, Film Stories with Simon Brew dug into the stories behind the following movies: Magnolia, Police Academy, Bad Santa, Love Actually, No Time To Die and the unmade Brosnan-era Bond spin-off Jinx.

He also dropped an interview with Sarah Smith, director of Ron’s Gone Wrong and possibly the best festive movie ever Arthur Christmas.

Happy New Year and happy listening… and do let us know if you have any recommendations too.